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Russian Phonetic Keyboard

I use WinRus to set up my phonetic keyboard (prefer layout 2)

Ура!  Теперь я опять могу печатать на Русском…  по Русски.  Блин, потихоньку забываю родной язык…  обидно слегка.

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Google: in Apple’s Steps we Snob.

Why I am starting to occasionally hate Google due to poor policies/customer service for Google Apps.

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MyDomain Traffic – Holy crap…

OK, seriously, this is pretty awesome:


That’s traffic after my MyDomain outage post.  Patting self on back.  That was awesome.  My X minutes of fame.  That means either I am special or the MyDomain outage affected a ridiculously high number of people.


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Replacement for MyDomain

Can people please post their suggestions for what services they would recommend using instead of MyDomain?  Here are my experiences:

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All of my domains are not accessible and I can’t access anything with our registrar:  Anybody knows what’s going on?  I can’t access my email, web sites, etc.  Ridiculous.  When it rains, it pours…

Useful: from a MSFT article use the following command to verify if your domain is on a DNS server (command reference):

nslookup -norec -type=SOA

Update 6: guarantees 100% uptime.  Swithing there…  also, according to a buddy of mine, improves access time.

Update 5: Workaround – this worked for me:

  • Set up DNS with another provider (I used
  • Go to and log in there at the bottom with your MyDomain password and set DNS servers to be as per NameCheap instruction (or a mixture of MyDomain and NameCheap)
  • Note: Having problems with NameCheap – will update if this gets resolved.  Does anybody have any suggestions for DNS manager?  Please reply here.

Update 4: Follow-up Discussion: recommendations on other registrars / DNS management tools: Replacement for MyDomain

Update 3: Acknowledged through

Update 2: it is possible to access your account via (thanks jcslak)

Update 1: spoke to their support.  See below.


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Virtual CloneDrive – ISO images on Windows

I use this Virtual CloneDrive, a free utility, to map ISO images.  Really frustrating that it’s not part of the OS:

Although, SlySoft?  Seriously?  Doesn’t exactly make me feel safe using your products…  But…

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Interested Consumer

An example of an interested consumer outperforming doctors…  Interesting trend in that now treating people like idiots is not quite as acceptable as before…  The old differentiation was “consumer vs. specialist”.  Now there is “uneducated consumer vs. educated consumer vs. specialist”…

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Wait, what?  Are you serious?  MSFT, come on guys.  Who the hell was on web development there?!?

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