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The Bora Zivkovic Controversy and American Values

image Recently, a controversy arose over Bora Zivkovic’s behavior.  Summary:

  • Bora engaged in personal adult interaction with some women, with whom he also interacts in a professional context.
  • These women felt uncomfortable and claimed that he has sexually harassed them.
  • The internet exploded.

Why I am Speaking Out

Because I feel very strongly that Bora is being wronged and that he is suffering damage as a result of what is fundamentally against the core values we should share as a society, and because I feel I cannot remain silent while such injustice is taking place.

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Tool: SQLBackupAndFTP

image OK, sometimes a tools comes around that is so easy to use that you kinda wonder why anyone would do it otherwise.

To do backups on SQL Server, highly recommend:

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