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Product Frustration: Logitec C905 WebCam Installation Made Me Angry

I was installing drivers and software for the C905 Logitech webcam.   When I came to the end, there is one big button: “Restart”.  I am in the middle of stuff, so I don’t want to restart.  Exit button is grayed out.  So I just do Alt-F4 thinking that that will just close it.  And my system just restarts.  Of course, all the stuff that was open was indiscriminately closed.  Why would you do that?  Logitech, that was a bad decision.  Please fix this.

For the record, generally I am happy with the quality that C905 provides.  The software could be a bit better, but it’s a good quality product…  and I’d recommend it if the developers had a little more respect for the customers.

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Research: Israel and Ambulances in Palestinian Territories

A friend of mine asked me recently about the controversy with respect to Israel and difficulty of ambulances working in Palestinian territories.  The first few links that I found are:

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