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Blogging as a Journal

What do I like about One Note that I would like to be able to do online?  Freeflow of thoughts with limited semantic markup to identify units such as “To do”, “Important”, etc.

So what may be missing is a journal application that, essentially, replaces your desk, your notebook.  So when I start working, I want to know:

  • What projects do I have?
  • What is their relationship?
  • What steps do I need to take?
  • What are steps that I have taken for project X so that I can take the next step.

What seems to me to be of paramount importance is the idea that a person is working on a single item at any point in time, while the knowledgebase as a whole is really a big pile of crap.  And in this crap, you have your projects, stuff to do, phone numbers, emails, etc.  So it’s really a mix of project-management and data repository.

One way to attain this is to use little hacks.  For example, I can add things like “ToDo:” in this blog and then search the blog only for Todos.  While this will be a decent solution for simple things, it does not provide means to create the more complex structures.  For example, you can’t scope.

<time gap>

OK, enough…  time to drop this note into the abyss that is the web and pass out…

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Ideas: twin tower project, phone company switching…

Phone company switching: I just had to pay 175 USD to switch out of Verizon (bastards)… would it not be better to pay 100 to someone to take over my contract? And that could definitely be done if there was a marketplace set up. And so here is an idea: set up a site where people can offer each other an ability to take over their plans where the person taking over the contract actually gets paid for doing so. Say, if the fee is 175, if Joe wants a really cheap phone + service and I don’t want to pay the 175, I could pay him 87.5 to make the switch. We both win. Sadly, so does Verizon.

WTC: what if the new building encased the shape of the old twins? Especially if there was some way to make it semi-transparent so that looking from the outside one would see the shape of the old twins… that would at once be monumental, beautiful, sad, and serve as a reminder for the days to come. Something tells me that just having the prints does not give one an idea of what it was like… of the magnitude of the event… Probably was already suggested by someone – I am curious to see which stage this proposal reached.


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Idea: extension to eVenue…

I just noticed that CraigsList has a lessons section. But, as usual, Craigslist is one big pile of everything dumped in there. I’ve wanted to add a lessons section for a long time to my eVenue site (not up yet… not really anyway), but this makes me think about the following additions:

– rating
– booking
– categorizaion

Anyone know of sites that put the teachers together with pupils out there?

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