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Bacon chocolate?

Mmmm… picked this up for a guy I know who likes both chocolate and bacon….

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Video: Attack of the Flip UltraHD

This would be my UltraHD attacking Dashka from under the car.

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Video: How to Work Out

Mud Treatment at the Dead Sea in Israel

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Next Thing in Tourism: Fitting Video Content to Timelines

A platform that would place video content onto a timeline generating photos and identifying interesting video spots. 

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Email Snippet: Self-Centered in Israel

IMG_0911 (1) From an email I am about to send:

We went to the dead sea today.  Feels incredible: silky smooth skin, I feel translucent.  This is a pretty amazing place if you need a new sense of perspective…  Although, intuitively, I feel like I am so impressed with Tel Aviv that something’s gotta give – there will be some new piece of information that will bring me down from the cloud 9 I found myself on.  Perhaps it is already happening as I am starting to realize my own shallowness and my insecurities start to push out the mental pores as I observe people from this little cafe (all cafes have complementary WiFi, btw).  This makes me angry, confused.  i feel like this is a bit like sitting in a sauna with the toxin-loaded sweat being laboriously forced from the body.  Perhaps it’s just hormones and standard ups and downs, perhaps it’s the want of sex and intimacy that swells uncontrollably (oh, nice trashy porn word in there) being in this city where everybody is between 20 and 40 and whom I see as beautiful unique people, or perhaps it’s just the consequence of forced reflection, or all of the above.  Regardless, as unpleasant as this is, as soon as I get angry, I begin to enjoy this state.  An edge.  A sort of desperation at the silently pounding clock releasing me from common convention.

Like eyes adjusting in the dark, I begin to see…  the sincerity runs only so far before layers and complexity begin, a facade upon people, behind which I can see the gears’ friction generating heat to push enough dust out the ears to produce a dark cloud over their head.  Dry, rainless.

I want to take bad photography because it is far more interesting to me than proper alignment.

Mmm…  I like what I wrote.  Tomorrow I will find it narcissistic and shallow, but today I like it. So I shall post it on my blog so that I can tell people to fuck off when they judge me.

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London, Red, Ticket to Israel Booked

Saw Cyn today in London – great to see her.  She took me to see Red, a play about Mark Rothko and his assistant.  Liked it, although it seemed a bit dry and overly simply at times…  almost condescendingly so…  but that’s irrelevant – I was finally able to formulate the thought dynamic that I often have: I want to see things a certain way.  When I discover that there is a deviation from what I want/expcet to see, I freeze up, judge, spaz, become paranoid, etc. depending on context.  I wonder whether this way of thinking falls into being a male, a human, or if it’s juts psychological baggage.

Anyway, after some trouble with my CC card, booked a ticket to Israel – leaving on the afternoon of the 21st to arrive in the evening.

Now staying at The Generator Hostel…  off to sleep.

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Filed under Musings, Theater, Travel Data Compromised or Selling Email Addresses?

Not only was I screwed by on them slipping in a subscription charge, but it looks like either they sold my email address to spammers or their data center has been compromised.  Whom should I tell this?

Oh, and if you have a class-action lawsuit, let me know and I’ll gladly join.  Details below…

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Netbook: HP Mini 110

Not very good.  Would not recommend.  Brief review follows.

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I am using TwitterFeed

Just signed up to, which will post this post on FB and Twitter.  I approve 🙂

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Twitter Wishlist

These probably already exist, but this is stuff that I want Twitter to be able to do:

  • Prioritize by other than time
    • Look at the cluster of retweets and show me stuff that is retweeted in users that I resonate with.  Thus “I am at the airport” will not pop up, whereas actual useful stuff would get read first.  This could be done on a priority for the last 2 hours.
  • Adjust interface for skimming
    • Present breaks content skimming – it should be more homogenized.  Single-line, user on left, content on right.
  • Track other people’s RSS feeds via Twitter
    • Saw some apps that exist, but didn’t see anything that’s actually functional.

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