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RDC: Internal Error Has Occurred (Solution)

Internal ErrorOMFG…  The number of times that I wanted to throw my laptop across the room when I got this ridiculous “An internal error has occurred.” excuse for a message when using Remote Desktop Connection is…  let’s just say that it competes with the number of times that my friend’s 5 year-old daughter has demanded that I play GoFish.  ARGH!!!

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How to See Who Logged In Using RDC/RDP

This morning something strange happened – I was unable to log onto our server (Windows 2003).  So I wanted to see a history of who logged on using the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), also called Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)…  or rather the first uses the latter, but whatever…

To do that, open up Event Viewer, go to the security tab, and filter by event for event ID 528.  Then you can check who logged on  – the logon-type would be 10.


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