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Clear session data for Facebook server-side when doing FB.logout() on the client

If you log out of FB on the client side using JavaScript:


And you are running a back-end, where you want to forget FB session (is there a better way?), then you can use the following:

$facebook = new Facebook($fb_config);

Yeah…  I know…  stupid easy.  I kept wondering why, despite logging out, I was still pulling FB user id on the client side.

Update: used to do setSession( NULL ), which was wrong…  not sure how I didn’t notice that.  Anyway, destroySession works now.  My apologies.

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I was on Tahrir Square…

IMG_2379Yes, this is me on Tahrir Square in Cairo.  Ridiculous. I know – I generally do not have pictures of self taken at different places and the iPhone is certainly not doing me any favors, but beggars can’t be choosers and this was The Tahrir Square.  Accidentally had a 9 hour layover in Cairo on the way back from Dahab and a cabby by the name of Mahmoud offered to drive me around.  So got to see the Nile, Tahrir Square, a number of mosques, was taken on a horse to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx (both from afar).  All totally unexpected.  If any of you want the number for the cabby, drIMG_2396op me a line – nice guy, barely functional English, not a tour guide per se, but you’ll get to see the city.  When he takes you to see his friend to do a horse ride out to the pyramids, if you end up negotiating with a kid, beware: that kid is a hustler.  Cute, but totally relentless, which brings me to the subject of culture shock…  some general impressions of Egypt as a whole:

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WhyWeVote & FB

As is usual, totally late on WhyWeVote, althought development is moving forward.  One interesting thing with FB authentication – I’ve set up an A record to point to, which now allows me to authenticate in development environment.  Small things make me happy.

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