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Musings: Strippers…

Draft: 2

Every time the subject of stripping comes up, stereotypes come forth like puss from a pimple: dirty chavinist pigs (men) taking advantage of desensitized women, who turn to stripping as a last resort. This then leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy:

– men see themselves and act like the negative sex-crazed males objectifying women
– women begin to see themselves as objects and are forced to perceive themselves negatively, leading to them despising the men.

Which came first, the crude man or the despising woman is a chicken-and-the-egg problem.

But is this paradigm correct?

First, to dispell my perception – what do I see when I see a beautiful naked woman I am attracted to? I see someone to respect and revere – the archetype of a woman manifested in a beautiful naked body and graceful movements. Do I think about having sex with her? Of course. I yearn for her touch, for her attention, to be spoken to, caressed, noticed. But do I see her as an object? No. I see her as an idea.

Do I feel like I am in any way disrespectful? Absolutely not.
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