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News: Jumo – connecting people and causes

A new thing from one of the Facebook guys.  Good idea, although I am not quite sure I understand why it’s not just done under the FB umbrella.

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Video: I am on a horse

Oh man oh man oh man…  I am gonna go buy old spice.

Should have been on the bus to NY an hour ago.  Finally heading out.  Damn you internets.

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scared shitless.  want.

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Tool: SpaceSniffer – Find out who took your space.

I used to use TreeSize, but now I discovered  I like it – it’s small, yet so far has been very useful.

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MSFT ZoomIT utility

How the hell did I get by without it?  I have no idea…

Basically I can draw on desktop and zoom in to make a point…  great little tool.

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Help! Need Name for a JoVE Project

So I am working on a project at JoVE that would allow users to identify video articles relevant to articles from PubMed and I need a name.  Since we are JoVE, I am thinking Minerva, the Roman version of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, daughter of Zeus (Jove) and Metis…  well…  sorta…  Metis was one of the titans whom Zeus dated and then swallowed to avoid having offspring due to someone telling him her child could be greater than he – dude was a bit insecure.  Apparently, abortion by way of cannibalism doesn’t work or Zeus didn’t chew, cause she still gave birth causing him a major headache, which, with a little help from Hephaestus, turned from painful to head-splitting thus giving birth to Athena making Zeus possibly the first surrogate father… although Metis already gave birth to Athena, so I am not sure if this counts.  I think a video would be necessary really to answer that question, however, sadly, JoVE didn’t have videographers in that area at the time.

So, as I was saying, I suggest MINERVA – Matching Informational Neighbors Elucidating Relevant Video Articles.  I got the word "elucidate" from one of our videos.  Not quite sure what it means, but sounds academic and it does start with an E.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

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