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Training memory

Memory – how would you train it? I would do the following:

  • Establish metrics


  • Short
  • Mid
  • Long-term


  • Sight
  • Concept
  • Word
  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Etc.


  • Entity blocks – photographic memory
  • Temporal Stream – time-based recall
  • Auto-Memory Stream – poetry and recitation until automatic recall
  • Associative memory – recall by association
    • One to many -> category to contents
    • One-to-one/limited -> pairing: language translation

The structure can be also in two modes:

  • Detached
  • Integrated into existing solid frameworks

So, ideally, I think we should attempt to improve on all permutations of above, but the most valuable is one-limited conceptual recall.

I think we should be aware whether it is possible to rehash memory given that there are physical limitations (limited short-term buffer). It might make sense to explicitly develop the shifting of memory between short<->mid<->long-term buffers.

So I say we set a target and make an exercise to match.

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