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Liam Neelson, I am very disappointed in you.  I am convinced that the way the movie came about is as follows:

Step 1: Seth Rogen comes up with a parody full of clichés.

Step 2: Upon seeing the script, some douche from Hollywood falls in love with this “Springtime for Hitler” type script and decides to cast serious actors and make it a serious movie.

Step 3: Given that Schindler’s List was an awesome movie with an awesome dramatic actor Liam, Liam is pinned to the bathroom wall by some huge mafia guy who says “you WILL do this movie”.  Liam says yes, because he only knows one judo-chop self-defense move (to be seen in Taken later on numerous occasions).

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Link: Monkey Business


Oh man… I had tears in my eyes by the end I was laughing so hard…

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Link: End of the world

http://www.endofworld.net/ – one of my favorite flash cartoons.

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Link: Surprise…



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