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PACER sucks–RECAP to the Rescue

Reading about Aaron Swartz, I came across PACER, which is supposed to stand for “Public Access to Court Electronic Records”.  You would think that this would be a public service provided by the government, right?  Well, sort of.  You have to pay 10 cents per page to access the database (your tax dollars at work to generate more tax dollars – yay!!!).

Aaron, however, was responsible to RECAP, which provides free access to a lot of these files…  I never met Aaron, but looking at his past, was an amazing amazing guy.  Sucks that I won’t have a chance to meet him…


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How to create a 2-column template page on the TwentyEleven theme in WordPress

Spent a bunch of time looking for a solution – hopefully this will save someone some time…  Just don’t forget to modify the page name in the following script:

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Keyboard Shortcut to Delete a Page in OneNote

Funny…  I had to look around quite a bit online to find how to delete a page in OneNote using a keyboard shortcut.  It’s CTRL-SHIFT-A to select the entire page, and then just DEL.

Wish MSFT had it in their shortcut help.


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Etsy and Infinite Scroll

Yet another example that we shouldn’t take anything for granted: Etsy introduced infinite scroll, which, counter to expectations, reduced engagement levels.

Always test – any assumptions you make can have a very high and unexpected cost.

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