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Burningman: a Poetic Sunrise

imageI am waking up.  No.  I am being awakened.  Rudely.  By a man with a megaphone in the middle of a square, next to camp that generously provided couches and pillows…  the very couches and pillows upon which I am but one of many burners.  The sun is baking, but it’s early.  Too early.  Too early for this.  And he is yelling.  As if the megaphone isn’t loud enough.  And it goes something like this (crass, read at your own risk):

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This was taken in Hvar (if memory serves me rigth)… Hvar? HVar? H Var? H Variable? What the *%&# is the H Variable? Welcome to the peachy world of software associations. OK. Nerd humor over.

So I am hanging out with Catherine in Hvar and she says “Wow, that looks nice! Take a picture!” I had no idea what it was that looked nice, but took a picture anyway. And then, when I saw it, I was humbled. Catherine had me take a really cool (IMHO, of course) pic without even my being aware of it… except nominally of course, which, doesn’t count.

Speaking of H Variables and Does someone know of a good PDF to RTF converter? Would save me quite a bit of a hassle of writing out cross-tab reports when we already have generation thereof in PDF. Grr… So much to do, so many opportunities, and I feel like most are slipping through my fingers… [sigh] [some other completely unnecessary symbol that I use because I haven’t read in ages consequently having exponentially degenerating writing capabilities]
:-* < — "And this… this is my happy face…"

(yeah… you know it's bad when Zoolander gets quoted)

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