JoMI ( – Journal of Medical Insight, a surgical video journal seeking to accelerate evolution of standard of care and medical education with the goal of contributing to improvement of clinical outcomes.

FairSetup ( – a novel approach to compensation and performance management focused on calculation of impact using a short-cycle collective feedback process. Was put into the foundation of JoMI.

On Hold

Wiki-Law ( – a wiki to help people understand legal procedure and issues.

 JoVE ( – the first scientific video journal in existence.  Status: in a state of disagreement with partners.  Related Blog Posts.

Ideas with Prototypes

WorkWithMe – organic co-working – who is working where on what.

ω WhyWeVote ( – many-to-many debating system focusing on presidential elections.


® ReadSwim – learning languages by reading/writing stories with limited vocabulary.

↓ – want to play tag/chess/checkers/tennis somewhere?  Done!

ProjectCure ( – generating a consumer-to-research flow of money with a focus on translational research.

ArtPad – a hot-or-not for art to break the ice during dates and drive attention to local galleries.

If you are interested in contributing to any of these projects, please email me at.

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