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How to spin up Wikimedia with EC2 and Elastic Storage on Amazon AMI instance

image So, recently I spun up a Wikimedia instance on EC2.  More on that soon 🙂  In the meantime, just to leave a record for those also trying:

Spin up an EC2 instance and go to the console.  I spun up the Amazon AMI instance (default)

Use putty to connect (Amazon directions)

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Kudos to Amazon Prime

OK, I just want to publicly give kudos to good business practices.  I had Amazon Prime on my account and it automatically renewed in May of last year…   I haven’t used it once, so now, when I realized that I wanted to cancel, they automatically credited me the last payment.  Awesome.  Will definitely purchase it again once I need it and highly recommend it to anyone who orders a lot of stuff on Amazon.


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