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Evolution Accelerated

At one point I said “don’t worry, give up control, all will be ok”.  Recently I realized that I was making a major assumption: that evolution has lead us to a certain stable state…  And then I started looking back at my life: I’ve met absolutely amazing women and yet I am not even close to starting a family and, if I am to be honest with myself, I am the cause. And then I recalled how I heard the argument that “evolution is over”: progress in medicine means no more natural selection.  Except, if evolution has reached a plateau and I am not just a glial/expendable member of the gene pool, yet I am still single and grandma’s giving up hope on great-grandkids, what’s going on?

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Measuring Reading Speed

Until Tobii (or similar) are part of laptops, it would be awesome to have reading devices automatically measure reading speed.  Moreover, on the Kindle, everything is already there – the page turn event is perfect to measure the average reading speed.  Want!

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Tool: PassPack–password management

I recently hired a network guy to help out with our internet woes at JoVE and he recommended  So far very nice.  Adding it to my toolbox.

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