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Realization: Why people always argue…

People argue because no statement ever accurately describes reality.   I am going with the following assumptions:

  • the goal of a conversation is to arrive at an accurate description of reality
  • it is easier to observe deviation from reality than to articulate it

Clarification: For example, you and I observe a color and discuss its shade.  Assume that the shade is a 5 out of 10 where 0 is black and 10 is white.  Neither you, nor I have the ability to recognize a 5. At the same time, whatever the other party says, we are able to see that the other party is incorrect and we can respond in an effort to bring us closer to reality.  So how how does the debate progress?

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Quesiton: What do you use to register domain names?

Everyone, need advice.  What do you use to register domain names?  I used to use, but their purchasing process is ridiculous – it automatically adds crap to your cart that are a real pain in the ass to remove (things that you’ve been searching for).  Then I tried, but they just have a really clunky interface.  What’s a good, simple, straightforward, cheap registrar?


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Moby Dick Project/Future of Media/Rapid Brainstorming

Last Friday I was flown out by the Knight Foundation (big thanks) to the Moby Dick Project at Stanford, a working session about future of media organized by Ben Huh.  Ben basically got a bunch of people in the room and told us something along the lines of “Brainstorm on problems with news consumption and come up with solutions”.  All this happened in about a total of 4 hours of work.  Some things that I’ve learned:

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