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A Tiny Difference (Translation)

image Let’s not compare modern Kiev with Hussein’s Iraq.  Let’s compare the then-America with the now-Russia.

My translation of: by Dmitry Bykov.

“USA does not and cannot have moral grounds to lecture on following international norms and respecting other countries’ sovereignty. What about the bombings in former Yugoslavia or invasion of Iraq on falsified evidence?” – MID RF ominously asks, commenting on the suggested sanctions against Russia.  And it’s a reasonable question, a favorite argument of couch patriots and propagandists: how can you?.. Have you looked in the mirror?..  What about Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan?!  Let’s not, as was suggested in that same commentary, stoop to polemics by way of tear-jerking propaganda and remind anyone about what was was going on in Yugoslavia under Milosevic, or compare modern Kiev with Hussein’s Iraq, where people were being dissolved in acid.  Let’s instead compare something else: the then-America vs. the now-Russia.

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