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Court Update: Entry of Default DENIED

image So, finally some good news.  After my motion for reconsideration (Paper #81, Blog Post), Court clarified that Award of Default is Denied (Court Order), and that the clerk is ordered to not accept papers (a gag order? really?).  Interestingly enough, Judge Curran followed up with an order to strike my motion for reconsideration (Paper #82).  Continue reading

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Court Update: Emergency Motion for Reconsideration and On Talking to Police


Filed a motion for reconsideration with Judge Dennis J. Curran (folder, PDF).  Tricky Fitzpatrick filed his previous motion in a way that, effectively, mislead Judge Curran into thinking that I didn’t comply with discovery.  At least that’s the only semi-reasonable explanation that I can imagine for a Judge to allow a motion that effectively stops the judicial process on an indigent individual without so much as a hearing over award of fees in violation of Court’s rules of procedure (explanation in my motion). Continue reading

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