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AthenaHealth Hackathon: OTF / Outcomes Tracking Firm

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.52.31 PMWhen I started working on JoMI, my mind was blown by the state of medicine – and not in a good way.  I found particularly troubling that it’s impossible to get the batting average for your physician – for all the talk of outcomes, I expected to be able to ask the question: which physician would offer me the highest probability of the most desirable outcome? Continue reading

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US Legal System: Problems and Solutions

image I do not know enough to speak intelligently about legal matters, but, as an entrepreneur who engaged the legal system pro se (here ya go), I’d like to point out some “inefficiencies”, offer some solutions, and begin discussing my future role with respect to the judicial system.


At the end of the day, I am very happy that the JoVE dispute has happened, for it made me aware that not all is well with our judicial system and the streets are, in fact, not paved with cheese.  How so?

  • Inefficient Process – why was I filing paper rather than uploading PDFs?  Why was there no online archive?  Why did I have to do so much printing?  Why couldn’t I reference prior pleadings and had to reprint them?

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Measuring Reading Speed

Until Tobii (or similar) are part of laptops, it would be awesome to have reading devices automatically measure reading speed.  Moreover, on the Kindle, everything is already there – the page turn event is perfect to measure the average reading speed.  Want!

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Crowdsourcing Disaster Relief

A good article on Crowdsourcing Disaster Relief on TechCrunch.

Been doing lots of thinking about effective crowdsourcing.  What bothers me about coverage above is that it doesn’t seem to generate revenue for participants and is thus questionably sustainable.

Anyway, will discuss this later.

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Idea: coworking location app

A web-app for coworkers: people say where they are working and on what.

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Idea: Distributed Benchmarking

An ability to benchmark my computer, upload results to a web-app and see how my computer performs in comparison to other computers.

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Idea: Collective Comparison

A participate-to-view web-app that would allow collection of comparative information about various systems/products.

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