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I recommend Boingo for internet access. It even works at the ghetto La Guardia Airport.

LaGuardia So it’s official.  LGA is a ghetto.  Low ceilings, crowded  waiting area complete with arcade machines and a wire banging against the window immediately outside where I am typing up this post, it feels… Soviet version of shabby, although I am sure that that’s only because my idea of what is both shabby and Soviet has been perverted by luxury of living in the US (and I am not being facetious, credit: my older badass cousin who took a trip to Uganada to get the linked photo).

But one thing is is positively definitely clear – Boingo is awesome.  It’s a service that costs $10 bucks a month and works in pretty much everywhere where people have internet access partnerships.  So far: all airports I’ve been at (not too many, but a decent sample) and an occasional Starbucks.  I am positively impressed

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Tool: ISO Recorder

A new free tool I discovered today for Vista:

Burn ISO images onto a CD/DVD.

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Link: Stop Doing Situps – Why Crunches Don’t Work

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