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Cute link…

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Link: End of the world – one of my favorite flash cartoons.

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Crystal Reports

Hey, does anyone use Crystal Reports? Interested in making a couple of extra bucks? I need the expertise. E-mail me at

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Again, thank you to all who have helped me through the crisis… it’s been quite an eye-opener, but now I feel like I’ve undergone a religious experience I am actually grateful for. It’s so strange how fast perception can change – I am now trying to hold on to the feeling of enlightnment that ensued after the resolution…

Anyway, I can get back to working, getting stuff moving, back to reading… I really do feel like I’ve been pinched in a way.

Too tired to write down coherent thoughts in a coherent manner… sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

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Diary: judgements…

Ai… Verizon is overcharging me, I’ve bled my bank account dry, cancelled gym membership, need to cancel NetFlix (don’t use it anyway), and really need to stop eating out as much as I do…

woohoo… finally am starting to appreciate money and finally am becoming a fiscally responsible adult… hehe… not for long, hopefully…

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