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I think today I realized: people are not malicious – they are just stupid. Myself included.

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Life Lesson: on Strength and Respect

Several years ago, I came to the conclusion that people respect strength. I was wrong.

I recently discovered that strength can also be applied in a way that is perceived extremely unethical despite the best intention, which evokes anger and an almost overwhelming sense of righteousness that would make a religious zealot blush: a completely ridiculous situation.

So it looks like brute strength is not respected, but despised and tolerated when it must be.  People respect strength delivered with calmness and wisdom.  So the new philosophy is: choose a course, be as clear about your intentions as you can, and don’t compromise ethics no matter how much you may wish to do so – the most stable path forward, one requiring least amount of energy. Besides, life is too short to be an asshole.


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Recent SW Project:

This weekend I implemented WhatChangedMyLife during the Boston Startup Weekend. As usual, not much sleep, but very educational.  This is what I learned:

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OK, today attended  Liked this mix of people better than the last several weekends – more interesting ideas.  Myself, am going to continue with…  need a designer…  Anybody want to help out?

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Updated FairSetup

Updated the FairSetup site a bit.  Time to do some biz-dev. Does anyone know any companies who may be interested in improving their compensation structure?

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CoWorking in France: La Cantine

Checking out La Cantine – quite excellent.  7 Euros for half a day, 10 Euros for the full day.  The way I would imagine cowering to be…  very cool.

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Nuit Blanche

Last night checked out Nuit Blanche in Paris.  Art is definitely not good enough to wade through crowds…  although probably would have been fun if we had left at 3am and started hanging around when most of the crowds turned in…

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