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This was taken in Hvar (if memory serves me rigth)… Hvar? HVar? H Var? H Variable? What the *%&# is the H Variable? Welcome to the peachy world of software associations. OK. Nerd humor over.

So I am hanging out with Catherine in Hvar and she says “Wow, that looks nice! Take a picture!” I had no idea what it was that looked nice, but took a picture anyway. And then, when I saw it, I was humbled. Catherine had me take a really cool (IMHO, of course) pic without even my being aware of it… except nominally of course, which, doesn’t count.

Speaking of H Variables and Does someone know of a good PDF to RTF converter? Would save me quite a bit of a hassle of writing out cross-tab reports when we already have generation thereof in PDF. Grr… So much to do, so many opportunities, and I feel like most are slipping through my fingers… [sigh] [some other completely unnecessary symbol that I use because I haven’t read in ages consequently having exponentially degenerating writing capabilities]
:-* < — "And this… this is my happy face…"

(yeah… you know it's bad when Zoolander gets quoted)

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