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My Friends On Gaza and Israel: the Tragic Mistake

image I am deeply disturbed by posts that some of my FB friends, some with education and significant influence on those around them.  In these posts they are deeply critical of Israel in a manner I think to be damaging to everyone – especially Palestinian civilians.

To these friends, I’d like to raise two issues:

A) it’s not 2 players, but 4: 1) Israeli civilians, 2) Palestinian civilians, 3) Israeli government, and 4) Hamas.  All of the civilized world agrees that civilian death is tragic and should be avoided as much as possible.  In addressing the ongoing conflict, it is important not to conflate Palestinian civilians with Hamas.  Israel does not target Palestinian civilians and every civilian death is a tragedy.  Hamas targets Israeli civilians and, if they had the means, would destroy as many as they can.  Worse yet, they seek to kill their own civilian population for PR purposes. If you watch nothing else, watch this video of Hamas placing children next to a rocket launcher.  Per Huffington Post – it is time for moral clarity.

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Hearing… and Learning…

image Tail end of the hearing, approximate conversation:

Judge: Any progress on mediation?  Seems like other judges have recommended that you mediate.

Nikita: I would welcome mediation.

Fitzpatrick: No, Your Honor. In my personal opinion, Nikita can’t be mediated with.  He just threatens. Look at all he’s done [the usual anti-Bernstein drivel].

Nikita: Your Honor, Moshe isn’t the easiest person to work with, and I am sure I’m no walk in the park either, but we’ve built a 5MM business somehow and didn’t kill each other..  so…  seriously?

Judge: (to Fitzpatrick) Seems like he isn’t going away, being a 30% shareholder.  And, as you see, he learns.

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