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MegaBus Sucks

image For those of you taking the MegaBus, beware – they don’t care about their customers.

I got a ticket from Boston to Secaucus for 10:20 on 9/7/2013.  All good, except I made an innocent mistake of mixing up AM and PM.  OK, no big deal – guys, just put me on the bus to NY at 11 and I’ll make my way to NJ myself.  And then…

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Hoovers Sucks. DnB follows suit

I really don’t like Hoovers right now.  And Dunn and Bradstreet, who acquired them a while back, are not helping any.  A while back, when I used to work for SiMX, I persuaded them to spend several thousand dollars on Hoovers, a lead generation service.  Due to numerous delays with the product launch (I was trying to set up marketing/sales for TextConverter), we blew past the 1 year subscription without ever using the service – a fact clearly visible on their end by the number of records we downloaded.

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