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Court Update: the Ban Remains

image OK, so many of you have been asking me what happened at my hearing.  Here is a synopsis, based on my recollection.

The hearing was with Judge Josh Wall.  Life is full of ironies.

Issue 1: Filming Court Proceedings

TL;DR: tried to film, they didn’t let me, will be escalating.

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A Judicial Reality Check

SLAMThings had to get worse before they have a chance to get better.  At some point, however, they get so bad that it’s time for the pendulum to swing back in the other direction.  I think we may have reached that point.

This is a follow-on letter to Judge Hogan and Judge Leibensperger I sent last week:


The full package is here (the document not valid were attached to Fitzpatrick’s “oppositions”, which I need to scan in as he hasn’t sent them to me by email).

Summary: what is happening should be completely unacceptable to all of us: what is happening is an embarrassment for us all (Judges violating Constitution, pro se bias, etc.).  Therefore, as you are Judges, it is your responsibility to intervene.

Let’s see what happens next.

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Pre-Trial Status and Motion To Dismiss Hearing Yeah What…

judge what.After 2 reschedules, had a hearing yesterday with Judge Hogan.  Here is my plan for what was said (feel free to comment/contribute) and there is an audio transcript for the hearing that I might get later.

Focus according to Judge: status hearing, motion to dismiss.

Focus according to me: system is broken, do something

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US Legal System: Problems and Solutions

image I do not know enough to speak intelligently about legal matters, but, as an entrepreneur who engaged the legal system pro se (here ya go), I’d like to point out some “inefficiencies”, offer some solutions, and begin discussing my future role with respect to the judicial system.


At the end of the day, I am very happy that the JoVE dispute has happened, for it made me aware that not all is well with our judicial system and the streets are, in fact, not paved with cheese.  How so?

  • Inefficient Process – why was I filing paper rather than uploading PDFs?  Why was there no online archive?  Why did I have to do so much printing?  Why couldn’t I reference prior pleadings and had to reprint them?

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Updates: How Court Works

image Yesterday I got a bit of a lesson about how the Court system works from the clerk on my case (Arthur DeGuglielmo).

1.  Filing Motions – you send in a motion.  The motion is reviewed by the clerk (or assistant clerk) assigned to your case, who then directs your motion to the right judge.  So the clerk apparently has quite a bit of influence.  And remember: once a judge rules on a motion, any motion for reconsideration goes to that same judge. Continue reading

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