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Court Update: the Ban Remains

image OK, so many of you have been asking me what happened at my hearing.  Here is a synopsis, based on my recollection.

The hearing was with Judge Josh Wall.  Life is full of ironies.

Issue 1: Filming Court Proceedings

TL;DR: tried to film, they didn’t let me, will be escalating.

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Court Coming Up: the Battle that’s Brewing

image So, on Nov. 4th at 2pm I shall continue my fight with and for our judicial system.

Core issue: a Court engaged in numerous transgressions culminating in violating my Constitutional in banning me from filing pleadings for now 2 years.

My intention: to take meaningful steps to contribute to fixing this failure and to hopefully significantly reduce the probability of this sort of abuse happening in the future.

My parents paid a very high cost to bring me to this country.  They did so in large part because this country is built upon certain ideas. When I consider what being banned from filing pleadings actually means, how terrifying this is when you slow down to consider the implications, it suppresses whatever fear and anxiety I have about standing up to authority and gives me a calm, methodical, and righteous drive where I do not have an option to back down.

Summary of What Had Happened

In 2006, I co-founded JoVE with a friend of mine, Moshe Pritsker.  Moshe is a good guy.  A bit of a tank, but that’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  JoVE was Moshe’s idea and he made me an equal partner when he didn’t have to effectively making me who I am.  For this I am in his debt.  We were also joined by a third partner, Klaus Korak.  Klaus has a different value system than I do and, given everything that has happened, I will never work with him again under any circumstances.

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Quick Update: Life Progress Report

imageSorry sorry.  As per my usual self, I’ve been terrible at keeping in touch with everyone (esp. grandma; sorry grandma!)  But just in case you are interested in what’s up with me, here is a brief update across the board:

Tried Carrot this morning.  Abuse is awesome.  Also tried Yoga Studio.  Not bad at passive-aggressively telling I am no longer quite as bendy as I used to be, but felt very good.  Prefer Carrot’s more direct abuse.  (Thanks Mary!)

JoMI ( is now officially two years old (entering the terrible twos?). MGH, Harvard Medical School, UCSF, Stanford, and a number of others have renewed and I keep running into people who have seen our videos, so we are now prepping to move to the next stage.  Fun fact:  Continue reading


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A Judicial Reality Check

SLAMThings had to get worse before they have a chance to get better.  At some point, however, they get so bad that it’s time for the pendulum to swing back in the other direction.  I think we may have reached that point.

This is a follow-on letter to Judge Hogan and Judge Leibensperger I sent last week:­hogan-­2015-­04-­01

The full package is here (the document not valid were attached to Fitzpatrick’s “oppositions”, which I need to scan in as he hasn’t sent them to me by email).

Summary: what is happening should be completely unacceptable to all of us: what is happening is an embarrassment for us all (Judges violating Constitution, pro se bias, etc.).  Therefore, as you are Judges, it is your responsibility to intervene.

Let’s see what happens next.

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Pre-Trial Status and Motion To Dismiss Hearing Yeah What…

judge what.After 2 reschedules, had a hearing yesterday with Judge Hogan.  Here is my plan for what was said (feel free to comment/contribute) and there is an audio transcript for the hearing that I might get later.

Focus according to Judge: status hearing, motion to dismiss.

Focus according to me: system is broken, do something

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Tufts Hackathon: But1 – Outcomes-Based Learning System


Problem: Students have a lot of resources available to them.  Which resources should they use to optimize their learning?

Solution: But1 ( – a site > syllabus > learning units, which consist of learning modules (as provided by external publishers) and assessment modules (as provided by But1).  Students take assessments after learning, thereby giving them an idea of how well they know the material, how they are progressing with respect to other students, and system can assess efficiency of educational resources.

I should note that the naming of But1 was the fastest and strangest naming process I’ve had to date.  Behold: Continue reading

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MGH/MIT/Samsung Hackathon: Skin Diagnostics

CaptureAnother hackathon I did recently ran by MGH, MIT Hacking Medicine, and Samsung.  I joined Vlad Ratushny‘s team to try to use the new Samsung Galaxy phone’s oximeter to do skin diagnostics.  Specifically, to tell benign conditions, from cellulitis, from necrotizing fasciitis, which, for lack of a better expression, is really scary sh*t.  Anyway, the PPT is here and below.  Continue reading

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AthenaHealth Hackathon: OTF / Outcomes Tracking Firm

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.52.31 PMWhen I started working on JoMI, my mind was blown by the state of medicine – and not in a good way.  I found particularly troubling that it’s impossible to get the batting average for your physician – for all the talk of outcomes, I expected to be able to ask the question: which physician would offer me the highest probability of the most desirable outcome? Continue reading

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Update: Appeals Court Denies Petition & Status Quo – No Pasaran!

image Alrighty then.  My petition for review has been denied.  Congrats.  Courts still not working as intended.  Good to know I have my work cut out for me – this has become a matter of principle.  Next stop: state supreme court.

So, let’s recap:

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Court Update: Petition for Review on TRO & PI and more…

image So…  more updates.  Real quick cause work:

Denied – My motion #76 (Judge Budd, reconsider).  No surprise there, so filing petition for review (or a complete package with bookmarks and appendixes).

Denied – My petition for review (2013-J-0355) of Curran’s refusal to sanction Fitzpatrick and of stopping the judicial process due to my being an indigent.

On Judge Budd:

Backstory: about a year into the freeze-out, I found out that Beth Hovey, our head of editorial at the time, was leaving the company.  Now a lot can break, but how bad must things be in order for a head of editorial to leave one of the most exciting developments in scientific publication?!  So I decided to take a very carefully calculated step of changing Moshe’s password on his email account and demanding that we speak.

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