Keyboard Shortcut to Delete a Page in OneNote

Funny…  I had to look around quite a bit online to find how to delete a page in OneNote using a keyboard shortcut.  It’s CTRL-SHIFT-A to select the entire page, and then just DEL.

Wish MSFT had it in their shortcut help.


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13 responses to “Keyboard Shortcut to Delete a Page in OneNote

  1. prasanth

    Thank a lot.

  2. Justin

    Thank you, this was helpful. And, Microsoft are are a bunch mouse cuddlers.

  3. Over 3 years old and your tip is still helping people. Thanks.

  4. Parul Gupta

    Make that 6 years!

  5. Olle

    And counting… Thanks for the tip!

  6. Paras Mittal

    i figured out that CTRL+N made a new page and for some reason i spammed it and now I need a way to delete them quickly

  7. Darryl Ng Yuhang

    thanks a lot again

  8. charley newtonne

    Thank you

  9. Jim

    Neat. Remapped Alt-Del to delete page using AHK:

    #IfWinActive ahk_exe ONENOTE.EXE
    !Del::Send ^+a{Del}

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