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Boston’s Music Scene

Tonight was a pleasant surprise – went out with Nick and his friend to a place called Wally’s Cafe and a bunch of Berklee students were ripping it up.  What we thought was going to be jazz, turned out to be some very solid Funk Fusion.  Although the guitar player was a bit too clean…  Satriani rock sort.  The sax, which I generally do not digest, was solid.  Drums and bass were nice – not too overpowering, but definitely setting the tone.  Overall, good stuff.  Made me want to play again.

I am thinking – what if I could get a bunch of people together every day for lunch?  Literally, like 40 minutes – as if we were doing jazz workshop back in highschool.  That could be so much fun…

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Interview with Ivan

This is neat – my childhood friend from Russia got interviewed:

Strange, but really good to hear his voice.  I really should go back and visit them…

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Advertizing Brilliance -Windows 7

Since I got more involved in marketing/sales, I’ve come to appreciate good advertising and design on a whole new different level.  Case in point:

Brilliant timing.  It’s simple, direct, and that little shock at the end with a cut-off is amazing at securing your attention.

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Mounting ISOs

Regular problem – needed to mount an ISO as a drive.  You’d think Windows would have something built in for that, but no…  but they do have a nice tiny undocumented utility called WinXP Virtual Control Panel.  (via

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Getting Random Values in TSQL

After a bit of research, finally found the answer to how to set up random values for each record in SQL Server:

rand( CAST( NewID() AS varbinary) )

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