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NY to Boston Bus Options

So, since Fung Wah and Lucky Star are both suspended, discovered some new services.

  1. GoBuses – just scored a ticket for $10.  Midtown to Cambridge (&Newton).  This is a rebrand of WorldWideBus. Midtown to Alewife. Continue reading

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Life Lesson: on Strength and Respect

Several years ago, I came to the conclusion that people respect strength. I was wrong.

I recently discovered that strength can also be applied in a way that is perceived extremely unethical despite the best intention, which evokes anger and an almost overwhelming sense of righteousness that would make a religious zealot blush: a completely ridiculous situation.

So it looks like brute strength is not respected, but despised and tolerated when it must be.  People respect strength delivered with calmness and wisdom.  So the new philosophy is: choose a course, be as clear about your intentions as you can, and don’t compromise ethics no matter how much you may wish to do so – the most stable path forward, one requiring least amount of energy. Besides, life is too short to be an asshole.


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Boston Propriety

Today I’ve witnessed the Bostonian version of the old Russian phone conversation joke, which goes something like this

“Алё, это прачечная?”
“Hello, is this the laundromat?”

“Прачечная – хуячечная.  Это министерство культуры!”
”Laundromat – fuckdromat.  This ministry of culture!”

So you ask what would be the Boston version?  Well, the following happened on the subway:

“Excuse me.  Put that cigarette out please.  I am allergic to smoke.”

“Uhm…  I am almost done.” – dude keeps on smoking

…  several progressively more aggressive requests culminating in:

“Have some fucking respect for fucking people around you.  Put that fucking cigarette out.  I’ll have no fucking problem putting my fucking foot in your fucking face.”

Oh, Boston righteous intellectuals. How I heart thee…

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Boston’s Music Scene

Tonight was a pleasant surprise – went out with Nick and his friend to a place called Wally’s Cafe and a bunch of Berklee students were ripping it up.  What we thought was going to be jazz, turned out to be some very solid Funk Fusion.  Although the guitar player was a bit too clean…  Satriani rock sort.  The sax, which I generally do not digest, was solid.  Drums and bass were nice – not too overpowering, but definitely setting the tone.  Overall, good stuff.  Made me want to play again.

I am thinking – what if I could get a bunch of people together every day for lunch?  Literally, like 40 minutes – as if we were doing jazz workshop back in highschool.  That could be so much fun…

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