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Musings: a question about cancer

OK. BTW, I am sorry, I am probably going to butcher some of the terminology due to being completely ignorant on the subject. So here is the way I undertand cancer:

– random mutations in cells lead to a considerate increase in cell longevity and/or high growth rate
– since these are random mutations, every instance of cancer is unique

So, if cancer is indeed found, it is necessary to identify the mutated cells and destroy them/mark them for destruction by antibodies or destroy the entire region (chemo, amputation, etc.)

And so the question: how are cells recognized by the antibodies?

Given a cell, is it possible to create its model and identify the culprit elements in the DNA? What is the temporal and computational cost of the procedure?

What are the main methods for destruction of cells (artificial antibodies, marking cells, nanotech robots)?

Once the mutation is isolated, do present methods allow for cleansing of the system?

Basically, it seems like a fairly simple-to-understand problem. What are the bottlenecks?

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