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Nataha’s Wedding Poem – Вредные Советы.

So, my college friend Nataha just had a wedding. Long story short, hooked up with her husband Misha’s cousin and he, his girl, and I ended up driving up to Philly from Boston. A week prior, MIsha’s mom called and said that they have a creative program that we should participate in – I kinda blew her off given all that’s happening at JoVE. (politely… however politely it could have been given that she woke me up and I was in my "Who the f*ck sent you and why are you so blurry?" moods. Anyway, I sent her on her way, but then, while we were driving, felt like really we should have come up with something. After numerous attempts that yielded ok-but-not-enough-material, ended up there with… well… nothing presentable.

Then I decided, to try my hand at Gregorij Oster’s Вредые Советы. And this was the product.

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