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WhyWeVote in Progress–Want to help?

DummyLogoSo, the new version of WhyWeVote is in progress and the team is forming.  If you’re interested in joining, drop me a line at .

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Impressions after a Google Interview and Why I am Stoked about FairSetup

OK, not to brag or anything, but Google flew me out for an interview recently.  Really flattering – got a phone call completely out of the blue that ended with them bringing me out to their Mountain View office…  airfare, car, hotel – all paid. SweetRide Thank you Google.  And thank you Hertz for hooking me up with a brand new Camaro (on the right).

All in all, it was a pretty great experience.  Caught up with some friends, made some new ones, enjoyed once again some world-famous Google cuisine.  But here is what struck me most – throughout the entire interview process, there was something strange.  Being there felt like I was part of a machine… 

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How to fix Paypal Delivery Issues with Google Groups

So I recently discovered (the hard way) that if you set up a group on Google Apps to receive and distribute emails from Paypal (like if you want to have for instance), this will not work.  In fact, the email never gets delivered to the destination and just disappears into the ether.  After a call with Paypal and a post on a Google Apps support forum, I’ve set up DKIM and it worked.

This, given that Google and Paypal compete, is super-shady.  Why didn’t it get delivered into my spam mailbox at least?  Google, very disappointed in you.

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Setting up remote access for SQL Server

Found this quite useful.

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