WhyWeVote in Progress–Want to help?

DummyLogoSo, the new version of WhyWeVote is in progress and the team is forming.  If you’re interested in joining, drop me a line at whywevote@nikitab.com .

Some context: in 2008, I’ve put together a prototype (now on www.WhyWeVote.org/2008) that got a little bit of activity. Was mentioned on Mashable, got me an interview with some radio station in CA, and got a tiny bit of activity cause I released it only several days before the election.  However, my purpose was to test some assumptions.

1.  Will it definitely fail?

Didn’t see an obvious reason why it would.

2.  Is my approach to dealing with temporal dependency of content clearly bad?

Didn’t see something that would indicate that it is bad.

3.  Might this work if I build it?

Yes.  It might.

So, armed with the answers to the three questions above that I used to justify my laziness pretending that I meant to release the site a couple of days before the election rather than doing things ahead of time like a responsible developer might, I am now putting together a team with a little bit of a time buffer to do this again.  This time in a manner that should scale.

The team is now starting to shake out, I am going to run it on FairSetup in case there is upside, and…  well…  let’s see what happens.

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