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Research shows that meditation makes us smarter…


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What I’ve learned last year…

I want to lament about what I’ve learned last year and how I miss some people in my life whom I really want to see, but can’t for ridiculous reasons; and how other people in Boston have turned out to be jerks and how it seems that academic intelligence seems to come at the cost of ability to respect and empathize; about how I grew up in all the wrong ways coming to the conclusion that I can come to no conclusions because a) “never quit on a bad day” implies b) never make important decisions unless you are in a good place, which really means c) until you get your act together, you can’t really bitch about things, etc.   And so, as much as I’d like to bitch and moan and complain, I will not do so.  And, instead, I’magonna go and get my act together.

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