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How to See Who Logged In Using RDC/RDP

This morning something strange happened – I was unable to log onto our server (Windows 2003).  So I wanted to see a history of who logged on using the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), also called Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)…  or rather the first uses the latter, but whatever…

To do that, open up Event Viewer, go to the security tab, and filter by event for event ID 528.  Then you can check who logged on  – the logon-type would be 10.


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JoVE mentioned on CNN and TED

Well…  we must be doing something right then 🙂

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JoVE in India!



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Life: Back from Burningman

Back in Boston from Burningman.  Overwhelmed.

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Musings: I am a Dumbass


Yay! Time to change the header.  Theme of the day, I am a dumbass.  Don’t ask. Those who know me well, already know what’s up.  Those who don’t know me, if you think, you can make an educated guess and you’ll probably be right.

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Dev: PHP on IIS, Error 500, Editing PHP.ini

On Win7, dumb problem of being unable to php.ini to enable debugging. Solution: run text editor as administrator.

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Funny video: Cat vs. Seagull

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Tool: Project Management – PivotalTracker

A tool that my brother showed me:

So far have only been using it today, but it feels nice and simple.  So far, would recommend.

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Movies: Gro2 and… uhm… inspirational crap worth watching… (uhm… sorry, God)

A while back, I saw the 48 hour film festival and was blown away with this movie:

Should be noted that this was done in 48 hours.  Awesome.

And, for the inspirational crap, this was sent to me by someone who has a threshold for forwarding stuff higher than I do (hat tip to the Magpies).  And my first reaction will be identical to your reaction, I am sure.  But, after the first few frames, call me a sucker, but it actually resonated with me.

Life is so strange sometimes…  Anyway, enough about that.  Back to real inspiration!

I should note, anger can be an amazingly productive coping mechanism for all sorts of things.  And on that note, I am heading to the gym.

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