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Thoughts that scare me…

Well, let’s see. Couple of random thoughts:
– Kerry’s 3 purple hearts are starting to seem very doubtful. Submitted by himself, reports of him being a scumbag, etc. Anyway, requires more research on my part.
– US treatment of soldiers when they came back from Vietnam is one of the greatest shameful moments of the US.

And now for the scary thought: there are regular attempts to assasinate Musharaf in Pakistan. Sooner or later one of them will succeed. Then, there is a really good chance that there will be an Islam fundamentalist state with nukes… Hmm… We’ll sleep soundly tonight…

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Color-changing wall panels…

I am sitting in my room waiting for a buddy of mine to show up (Jong, man, you’re famous – made it into my blog), and these cream-colored walls are depressing me. Of course, if you are pursuing a degree in psychology, look to my childhood for the cause of my present depression (if you were Stewie, you would probably put a heavy Brit accent onto: “the association with cream color is, unfortunately, that of being trapped in the womb and, since Louis is evil and should die, indubitably, you have a homo-erotic Oedipus complex. You are hopeless. Go die.”

[time gap]

Sigh… 3:45am… main idea of the previous paragraph that I never got to finish: the cream color should be replaced, and it should probably be relatively cheap to replace it with panels that can change color – imagine having a blue room waking up, slowly turning bright red if you bring a girl over… or white… or black if you feel like passing out… or perhaps the colors could be connected to the state of the stock market… or one’s blood pressure and temperature thereby allowing the color to enhance experience… say a sexual experience, for instance. Combine color and sound that would help the mind fall in resonance with one’s body. Hmm… we may be in the 21st century in some aspects, but education-wise, especially where sex is concerned, we are stuck in the stone age. So, augmentation to what I would teach children:

1. Esperanto
2. Sign language (is there a universal version?)
3. Morse code
4. Braille

1. Global present state of affairs (we are phenomenally ignorant of current affairs)
2. How present state of affairs came about (teach effect first, cause later)
3. … until aaaaall the way back to the cradle of civilization. Moreover, what should be taught is the general movements – avoid memorization.\

1. Rigorous analysis of languages (structure, etymology)
2. Vocabulary building ONLY through massive reading assignments. Web-based facilitating looking up words. Children are to read short engaging stories in context with history above.

Math & physics… lots to say, so I think I’ll leave this for another session.

Human body (call it physiology, biology, whatever)
1. Digestion and good eating patterns (don’t tell kids they shouldn’t eat McDonalds – tell them the effects and give them the knowledge of maintaining their nutritional balance)
2. Correlation between performance, nutrition, exercise, and sleep (in-depth analysis of each)
3. Sexual activity – safety, response of the human body, breathing, temperature control, psychological factors
4. Relationships – the schools need a non-corny way of emphasizing the human element and of helping create a framework for interaction which would allow the selection process to be minimally damaging to people. A lot to be said about this, but again, another evening… haven’t thought about this enough.

So all in all, the current education seems to exercise the mind by repeatedly flexing the muscle, which does little beyond developing random precise skills that people have no ability to apply to better their lives. What do I remember from school days? Almost nothing…

Which reminds me – Mel, where is my phone call?

On this fine note, need… pass… out…

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Started learning sign language via flash cards. Definitely something I wish I learned by now… useful useful useful skill… also, want to learn Braille – too much reliance on sight. Does anyone know of any good courses? Found:
coverBraille for the Sighted (Beginning Braille)
but don’t know anything about it. Will see…

Also – free business cards at VistaPrint . Not too shabby, thought the designs for the free ones leave a lot to be desired.

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Very interesting article.

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What’s up…

So I want to have JoeCartoon and Osobennosti Natsional’noi Oxoty playing in the background on our roof, but no way can I put out 2K for a projector. Anybody know any good sites on the physics of projectors? I found:

Seems like it should be pretty easy…

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How about this for the Republican National Convention?

A web application that would enable you to vote on why your are going to vote (bare with me here) for a particular president and to submit your reasoning, should such not be present. So it might go something like this:

– Why vote Bush?
– Why vote against Bush?
– Why vote Kerry?
– Why vote against Kerry?

Then, each reason has a rating (vote calculated, for instance), and an associated discussion forum so that people can add/remove their vote to/from a particular reason (establishment of credibility of argument). This is a simpler version of another system I really want to build (more on that some other time – am actually close to getting something resembling a prototype out).

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A web application that would enable download of cell voice messages as mp3s…

1. Create account.
2. Agree to pay X per message
3. Add to the queue
4. Download all messages
5. Encode messages and store in a DB
6. Give ability to DL.

I’d do it. Perhaps am a memory freak.


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Interesting link…

Interesting link with regard to analysis of what the heck happened in Iraq:

Does anyone know of any good political/economic analysis sources? I remember hearing a couple of good lectures on CSPAN, but can’t remember the names nor the dates :\


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East side mass…

Mass… hehe hehe… this word presently evokes in me uncontrollable fits of laughter. Women on the East Side had my jaw dragging along the sidewalk so much I think I might have stepped on it. Don’t remember… Male chauvinist pig or in tune with my inner self and able to recognize the divine? Then again, all of my friends would aesthetically all fit into that scene absolutely flawlessly (yes, I actually think so… yes, I am also trying to save my ass from the wraith my previous comment my bring about from my female friends… either wraith, or a boycott – either way, I would not be happy.

Damn it. In all this excitement I forgot about theater.

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