Art Pad

Use Case: imagine sitting down in a cafe (alone, with a friend, on a date) and loading up a web-app that shows you various art.  As you are shown art pieces, you select whether you like it or not (ex: Tinder, Hot-or-Not).  As you provide feedback  to the app, it learns about you and shows you things that it thinks you will particularly like.  Occasionally it shows you things at galleries in your area – so you like something so much that you get your ass out of the coffee shop and into that tiny gallery and spend your hard-earned money on that awesome genuine art piece that you proceed to hang in your living room.

How we could get this off the ground?

Go to local galleries, ask them to upload 10 of their best works.

Need: funding/sponsorship to allocate some time to get a few people to put this together.  Have candidates.  Good potential Startup Weekend project.

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