is down?!

All of my domains are not accessible and I can’t access anything with our registrar:  Anybody knows what’s going on?  I can’t access my email, web sites, etc.  Ridiculous.  When it rains, it pours…

Useful: from a MSFT article use the following command to verify if your domain is on a DNS server (command reference):

nslookup -norec -type=SOA

Update 6: guarantees 100% uptime.  Swithing there…  also, according to a buddy of mine, improves access time.

Update 5: Workaround – this worked for me:

  • Set up DNS with another provider (I used
  • Go to and log in there at the bottom with your MyDomain password and set DNS servers to be as per NameCheap instruction (or a mixture of MyDomain and NameCheap)
  • Note: Having problems with NameCheap – will update if this gets resolved.  Does anybody have any suggestions for DNS manager?  Please reply here.

Update 4: Follow-up Discussion: recommendations on other registrars / DNS management tools: Replacement for MyDomain

Update 3: Acknowledged through

Update 2: it is possible to access your account via (thanks jcslak)

Update 1: spoke to their support.  See below.


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  1. Hey, me too. It looks like some of my users have my site cached by their DNS servers, but – appear to be down, or at best intermittently up.

    Their support doesn’t open for another 4 hours, and their status page redirects to their knowledge base.

  2. David

    Mine are a down too. Cant even access

  3. Looks like they are back up. I reported this to TechCrunch, perhaps they’ll dig something up. Also posted here:

  4. Since a few minutes I can reach their web interfaces and DNS servers again. I hope it’s fixed permanently.

  5. n3o

    Down now too. Wtf? Anybody know?

  6. Yeeeep, all kinds of down at the moment. Luckily today isn’t a heavy traffic day for me normally… but still, grrr

  7. nick

    anyone know a number to call, servers are still down and dns not propogating so many sites are down still at 9.42am EST 7/20

  8. keep us informed, my domains are down as well.

  9. tim

    As of 9:54 am Eastern Standard Time neither nor my company domain name resolve.

    Damn!!! If this outage lasts another hour or so MyDomain will lose my business.

  10. aranthorn

    Still down, can’t get through to customer service… anyone else looking for a new DNS service? If so, have you found anything?

  11. Jason

    I just spoke to a rep who thought service should be restored within the next hour.

  12. Jason

    It never really occurred to me until now, but what happens if your domain company goes out of business? How would you transfer your domain to a new provider?

  13. this had better be fixed soon or i’m finding a new service. i’m losing thousands of hits right now.

  14. nick

    no news on there twitter account either, you think they would announce something,

    i find it interesting they made an annoucement yesterday on twitter about 20th being the official day to register .co extension domains, maybe they got overloaded this morning with a rush and servers went down, just guessing of course.

    Either way it’s annoying as i have 50 sites down that use there DNS name servers

  15. pissedoffcustomer

    Man I’m pissed off. is down at the same time that is running out of non-paged kernel memory causing IIS to stop serving connections! What else could go wrong at the same time……….

    I’m really pissed off at this – I want a years worth of free hosting at least to make up for lost revenue. DNS going down is not acceptable!!

  16. Punit R

    Same problem for my domain as well. And they are supposed to launch some “.co” domain registrations live from today at 11am PDT. Barely 4 hours from now. Maybe this problem is linked to the launch.

  17. My website is also down. Does anyone know why it is down? Has this happened before?

  18. what is the customer support number, anyway

  19. LD

    The support number is 360-449-8458

  20. nick

    Who owns Is it namesdirect? anyone have a phone number? i’m checking for updates but they have not announced anything yet.

  21. nick

    Queried with “dom”…

    Domain Name: MYDOMAIN.COM
    Registrar: MYDOMAIN, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Updated Date: 17-dec-2007
    Creation Date: 07-aug-1995
    Expiration Date: 06-aug-2010

    Dotster Inc.
    8100 NE Parkway DR
    Suite 300
    Vancouver, WA 98662

    Registrar: NAMESDIRECT
    Domain Name: MYDOMAIN.COM
    Created on: 22-JUN-00
    Expires on: 06-AUG-11
    Last Updated on: 20-MAY-08

    Administrative, Technical Contact:
    Domain Admin,
    Dotster Inc.
    8100 NE Parkway DR
    Suite 300
    Vancouver, WA 98662

  22. pissedoffcustomer

    Does anyone have an ETA for this to be fixed yet?

  23. nick

    not yet, i’m on hold for support though so will let you know as soon as i here something other than hold music *sigh*

  24. Jeff

    We have tons of websites down too. This is just ridiculous. Mydomain should have all kinds of redundancies in place, clearly they do not.

  25. never had this problem before with them. this is pretty horrible.

  26. Got through:

    – Speaking to Benjamin
    – DNS servers are all down – some are intermittently up and down
    – Could be a DoS attack (he doesn’t know)
    – No ETA for resolution
    – No way to find out updates except to call in
    – No way to transfer the domain out at this point

    • All we can say at the moment is “We are having server problems, can’t go into specifics at the moment.” Asked to talk to the manager.

      • Manager Jim: there is NOTHING we can do. I even can’t get in. I can unlock the domain in the registry, but this won’t help because nobody can get into your account to get the transfer code. Our ops department is working on it as we speak.

        Upper managements is on the way in. Everybody is aware of this, the company is pretty much going nuts right now.

        There is no policy on updating status, but he will ask the management to post status somewhere and will email me with either information on where the status will be posted or with an update on ETA.

  27. jcslak

    You can access your account by going through, which apparently is not affected.

    • Confirmed. I can access my account. Which means I should be able to transfer management of the domain out… unless there are references to somewhere. Or need to make sure that confirmation code is going to go to a new email address as I can’t get emails at my address.

    • Jon Paris

      Can you please explain how to access accounts via – do I have to set up a new account and then link to my MyDomain account or … ? The site certainly does not recognize my MyDomain login.

  28. My site is down too. It turns out mydomain is both expensive and not a good option anymore. I’d consider moving to other domain registrar in the future.

  29. Emmet

    Let’s just all move our domains to when we (finally? hopefully?) can access our accounts.

    Never heard of a registrar with such issues.

  30. guys, you can login to your account via Im in there now.

    this is effin stupid.

  31. Our server also down.

    Is there any backup plan for restoring this issue?

    Can we buy / configure the domain in another domain registor(hosting provider) and can we configure it our server to the same domain?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sathish Kumar S

  32. James P.

    This is pathetic. Good-bye to Mydomain once they are functional again. Sick of the lousy support (for years).

  33. eamon

    Any update on this ? I’ve had no url forwarding and no email now for 2 days!!

  34. pissedoffcustomer

    @jcslak – can you give a quick rundown on what we can do to fix this? Can we point to another nameserver and get going again?

  35. nick

    Just gotthrough to someone at mydomain using this tel 360-253-2210. Held for 30mins but it did go through. They told me that mydomain is working on it has hard as they can and ETA is 2 hours to uptime. He said he didn’t know what the issue was as he was not told but the techs/upper mgmt do know and are working on it.

    It’s 10.45am EST now so 2 hrs for uptime should be 12:45pm today, will have to wait and see.

    I tried logging in by the way thru namesdirect and it doesn’t let you in, the guy says have to wait to login at when it’s back up.

  36. eamon

    time to lok for alternatives so. anyone any suggestions ?

  37. Geez everybody. just calm down. they are normal people there. probably crapping themselves right now.

    there will be consequences no doubt. but why not just a step outside and enjoy the sun. no one’s loosing money cause we’re all in the same boat.

    • speak for yourself about that losing money crap. for every impression i don’t get, i lose money from my advertising company. and for ever user that visits my site and finds it down, there is very little chance they will ever come back.

  38. Jeff

    Thanks nick. Looks like waiting is the only reasonable choice at this point.

  39. nick

    they just posted a note on twitter

  40. William D

    My question is if namesdirect isn’t affect then why do they not have us set 2 nameservers to namesdirect and 2 to mydomains?

    • Do you know what the namesdirect servers are? Might make sense to try this.

      • William D

        I believe NS1.NAMESDIRECT.COM, etc

      • Thanks. I set my DNS to:

        How soon before it should take hold?

      • OK, that didn’t work. Now I added also FreeDNS via, so my Name Servers are now:


        Doesn’t work yet… still waiting…


      • Reset to use just namecheap and it all works. Thanks so much! Moving other domains over.

  41. TimeBomb

    yep, anybody have some good alternatives. Although I will say that if you move your DNS, and only use MyDomain for the registration part, that works too, but then you’re paying two services.

    So what other registrars have working DNS and otherwise good uptime and decent customer service? MyDomain does suck and the mail reason we stick with them is convenience, devil-you-know – knowing that most providers suck, and we could easily go from bad to worse. So who isn’t worse than MyDomain?

  42. William D

    BTW since I got in through the namesdirect webpage, I set mine so it uses 2 mydomain servers and 2 zonedit since they offer free DNS too

  43. pissedoffcustomer

    FYI heres a nice channel to follow or contribute to on twitter


  44. PJunior

    mydomain twitter updated

    Apologies about the DNS issues. We’re currently working to resolve the problem and get things back up ASAP.

  45. dx7hymcxnpq

    My domains are all down as well; thinking of transferring them when their site returns.

  46. I having same issue on over 100 sites, I thought I screwed up big time for the first 4 hours and stressed out for nothing I did!

    I have been with this place since 2004 and first time I think I have seen any problems like this. I am sure they will get it back going soon. I hope, GOD, my entire life and business is there!

  47. Ed Voncken

    “A communications disruption can mean only one thing – invasion.”

    Meh – can’t reach, does not accept my username/password.

    Any advice for (free/paid) secondary DNS once this is over?

  48. MyBallsItch

    I remember how would go down atleast a couple of times every holiday season. Better now than then!

  49. and other DNSs are backed up. 🙂

  50. gb

    Just got off the phone with their tech support and slightly different story. It’s a problem with their upstream datacenter that is down. They are “restoring a backup as we speak”…

    No ETA or anything else different than other’s have heard.

  51. Mattman

    Looks like it is back up . . . for now at least

  52. PJunior

    Looks that they are up!

  53. checkit

    Try your sites now. I’m able to access my sites and again.

  54. acesvandeber

    Things seem to be coming back up slowly, my DNS is now resolving again on one of my domains and received a few emails.

  55. Jeff

    SOME but not all domains appear to be back.

  56. William D

    I still cannot access or my actual domains.

  57. eamon

    Im still not able to receive email! Related ?

  58. I am getting email on one of my domains, but web is still down.

  59. TimeBomb

    I was able to get in via and successfully repoint the DNS for (some of) my domains to and they are working again, even though MyDomain servers are still DOA

  60. If anybody would like to recommend alternative providers (or caution against any providers), please post it at Replacement for MyDomain:

  61. Pablo

    By 12.45 AM (Argentina Time, GMT -03:00) I reached and was possible to use their web interface for domain management.

  62. Our MyDomain sites are still down… it looks like they have changed around some IPs, so some of us may have to wait for DNS servers across the world to update before we have access to our sites again…

  63. I’ve used for over ten years and this is the first such problem I’ve ever experienced with them. I think your desire to drop them seems a bit overblown — an understandable knee jerk reaction perhaps. But changing domain servers comes with a lot of work, and moving into a whole new territory of the “unknown”. I’ll stick with ten years of good experience.

    • Dan

      I second this opinion. A decade of impeccable service until today, no need for knee jerk.

    • Guys, with all due respect, there is no excuse for this sort of downtime. So MyDomain will have to go through some major relationship rebuilding to keep customers. For me, I will need answers:

      – what broke?
      – why will it never break again?
      – there was no way to get an accurate update. How will this be fixed?
      – there was no way to get immediate support at 6am when I discovered this. How will this be fixed?
      – the support I reached was not helpful (didn’t suggest logging in through namesdirect, for example). How will this be fixed?

      I think now it’s a function of them rebuilding trust with their customer base. May be an opportunity to improve their service as well.

      They could also start coming to blogs and commenting on what had happened.

      • Mark Leman

        They used to have user forums, but they disappeared a few years back which is never a good sign.

        I like forums, you get a feel for the problem real users are having. Companies don’t like forums because they only reflect the problems, who post to a forum saying “all’s well” 🙂

        At least this time I found this blog, the twitter feed and the facebook site.

      • MyDomain has had a lot more problems then just this lately.

        Personally, we host all of our own servers and just have MyDomain as our DNS. But a few weeks ago we decided to host 20 sites we were making with MyDomain to save space and the hassle of doing it on our servers. Well, we did a bulk order with domains and host packages. Their system is automatic so it should of all gone through in just a few mins. Well, there was a bug I guess and it took support over 2 weeks to get everything to fairly right. As of right now it’s still not completely right, sometimes a couple sites don’t come up.

        Their support, everytime I called, would say “We are working on the issue and we don’t have an ETA” Now that’s support.

        MyDomain has gotten too big lately without supporting what they have. First was drop of Forums, then there seemed to be a drop is competent support…

        That’s one of the main reasons we moved our major sites to

    • Mark Leman

      Like wise I have used for ~10 years but unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened to me. Last time all our domains were redirected to an ad site, I though we had been hacked but it turned out to be a DNS problem with mydomain.

      I won’t be rushing to move my domains away but I will be setting up some alternative name servers to use as well as the mydomain ones, no matter how reliable best not to have all my eggs in one basket.

      • I like this approach — alternative name servers.

        Still, it looks like Mydomain fixed things in under 4 hours. Not bad. It gave me a few hours to read the paper and chill out, which was nice.

        I wish my ISP and other service providers had this kind of reliability and service. When I used Covad, that service would go out several times a year — I now use Comcast which is faster, cheaper, so so far more reliable.

      • Scott, are you with MyDomain? Cause if you are, it would be nice to disclose as you sound very “positive” about this outage. And it didn’t take MyDomain 4 hours. I discovered the outage at 6am this morning and my site is still out.

      • Nope, not with, at all…. but I do have dozens of names in my account with them. I run Energy Matters LLC, a software company in NorCal.

  64. Brett

    If you are having issues with getting to mydomain website, try I was able to login from there and update my name servers.

    • Brett

      Ok. We are completely back up. Here is what we did.

      Signed up for a free account at and added our domains to FreeDNS.

      Updated our domain name servers to:

      Changes took effect almost instantly.

      Hope that helps. is still intermittent for us.

    • kelvin

      it works, i am adding new NS to my domains.

      • Brett is going online and then back offline for us. We moved FreeDNS up to the top. Make sure to mirror you dns setting, a records, mx records, etc on FreeDNS.

    • Trying this as well. Hasn’t worked yet…

  65. kelvin

    Still down here.

  66. kelvin is up and running now

  67. It is lucky that at least I registered my other site with So, that doesn’t have to suffer from the mydomain fiasco.

    I am thinking maybe I should move mydomain registration to godaddy or 1and1, although 1and1 has some bad reputation I heard, but haven’t experienced any problem so far.

    • I saw some crap about them on various forums. Can someone chime in? I would definitely stay away from GoDaddy cause had some stupid stupid problems with them before. Left a really bad taste in my mouth. Although I would guess that any big company won’t be without a blemish or two… :\

  68. Bhag

    Spoke with the support rep and was told that they had some “un-planned Maintenance” which is taking long time. This is pretty ridiculous, My Domain should have a backup plan or some form of redundancy in their systems. I am looking for alternate solutions at this time. Our site is still down and people cannot email us from outsite the network.

  69. nick

    so they announced on twitter a DOS attack….

    # @alexcuervo @dniesen The root cause was related to a DOS attack at our upstream data provider that impacted our DNS servers. 31 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to alexcuervo

    # @createsomething DNS is back up as is your site, but it may take some time for your Internet provider to update nameserver changes from us. 34 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to createsomething

    # @estudioquadra it may take some time for all ISPs to update. about 1 hour ago via web in reply to estudioquadra

  70. rohit

    we have had major hassles with this too. most of our users are now able to connect to our site.. but we still are having issues with some users in India experiencing problems… I am in the UK and i still cant connect to

  71. UK-based ISP seem pretty slow at updating the DNS changes at the moment. I tried to reach one of my websites from different ISPs and only via one (a University network) I managed to go through.

  72. Bob

    I am in Toronto, Canada and no access to site. Time is 1:51PM EST. Emails from hotmail to our site is being rejected.

  73. Abel Romo

    2:40 PM EDT Just talked to a customer support rep. called Trevor. He said they were NOT AUTHORIZED TO PROVIDE ANY UPDATE ON THE OUTAGE, and suggested to log on to our account @ as they are posting their updates there.

    Now, that’s customer support!!

  74. Curt

    We are on the West coast, most of our service was restored at 8:30 AM PST. Then about 11:45 AM PST everything went down again, we are currently without web or email. is also unavailable. Whatever was fixed is down again and even our cached DNS is not getting us to our site.

  75. Bob

    I can get to MyDomain site but support link on the site is broken. No news on the main page. 3:17PM EST, Toronto.

  76. Changing DNS servers works. See my Update 5 above in the main post. What I did was set up DNS with, then went to and loged in there at the bottom with my MyDomain password and set DNS servers to be as per namecheap instruction (or a mixture of MyDomain and NameCheap).

  77. Just got the following from James Powers from MyDomain:

    “The status of the servers is improving on an hourly basis. The problem stemmed from a DDOS attack on the servers at approximately 2:00am our time today. Our operations department is working to correct.”

  78. Amol

    I cant believe. its really bad …

  79. Here is a quick way to check if you are on a DNS server.

    nslookup -norec -type=SOA


  80. TimeBomb

    I’ve had great service and support from for DNS. They register domains too, so I will try to move my domains there.

  81. They are supposedly experiencing a denial of service attack, but I suspect that they are overloaded with requests for .co domain names. I would like to switch DNS servers, but I can’t log into the mydomain administration system. I can’t find their ip address anywhere, and DNS isn’t resolving for their site.

  82. nikitab, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for your efforts and putting it all up here. Your blog post has been the best source of updates and for help and workarounds so far. Thank you!

    • No worries. I am glad it was helpful. Most info came from users though and I benefit from it as much as you do – right now I am still having trouble though.

      • Same here, as far as I can say services have been more down than up for the last 8 hours. And I am very worried that they are actually doing the wrong thing to fix it. In other words, their switching IPs makes me scratch my head hard! I am also setting up secondary DNS servers.

  83. Abel Romo

    5:00PM ET After 7 hours of outage and not a satisfactory explanation of what happened or an ETA for a full solution, our company is switching to Network Solutions.

    Farewell mydomain!

  84. I began using the free DNS Management service of 7+ years ago, for 2 domains registered at That was 2 or 3 years before GoDaddy began offering DNS Management to their customers.

    Two of my sites, with Dedicated IP addresses, had “A” records pointing to their IP addresses, from MyDomain.

    I received emails from 2 site monitoring services this morning, that the sites were down. At first, I thought the web server had a problem, or there was connectivity problem in the NOC, but was told all was OK and 2 other sites, not using MyDomain’s Name Servers were OK. All 4 sites are on the same web server.

    I was very lucky, because the domain names were not registered at, went to the Control Panel, and changed to the Name Servers of the web hosting provider.

    We use the free service for our Home LAN and a few minutes later, I could see the WHOIS had changed and get to the 2 web sites.

    Previous to today, I did have one (1) issue with the DNS service of which was during January 2010. When I changed the “A” records, to point to new IP addresses, it took *hours* for the changes to take effect.

    Other than that, no problems with the DNS service of for me and I do appreciate the free service they provided and wish them good luck in recovering from this disaster.

  85. I’m suprised at the number of people actually rushing to change their primary service (ie: mydomain). Yes, yes yes it was a huge fuck up today.

    But as we would say at work ( when clusterfucks happen, how can we learn from this. In my experience being on both ends of the customer/developer/wife/husband/… (this list can go on). Just outright dropping a relationship doesn’t help.

    A DDOS can happen to anyone.

    I think the best advise I heard all day was to just get a secondary DNS server. A backup. Plain and simple. Switching providers isn’t going to help with a backup. You still need a DNS.

    I would surmise everyone here has bad stories of every DNS provider out there. In the end, its just a bunch of young and old programmers. Toiling away to pay off a fucking mortgage and just fucking dept anyware.

    Ok. My soap box just collapsed under by bloated weight of self importance.

    Aaron Visser | Director, Engineering |

    • Dude, it’s one thing to have something go down. It’s another when it goes down for such a significant time when so many people depend on it. If you are a registrar providing the services like to as many clients, there should be at least some level of redundancy making sure that such failures do not affect customers so dramatically for such an extended period of time… At least that’s the soap box I stand on when I righteously condemn those who have clearly wronged me.

      • at least it will be a wakeup call for everyone for these reqs. i know that our ceo will expect us to make sure that we’re covered.

        we sure all have become very reliant and fragile on the internet. imagine if facebook went down? we might actually get some work done and solve some major world issues. like the bp spill.

      • Gotta second this. Besides, the backup should have been there already, this is why there are 4 DNS entries for each host. I haven’t checked (my fault) but it seems the old locations were not sufficiently separated. And, right now, 3 of 4 servers still do not reply!

      • Mark Leman

        I have learnt two things from this last 24 hours:

        1) It is wise to separate the companies who register your domains and those who host the DNS records.

        I felt very exposed when mydomain went out, their name servers were down and I could not get in to their control panel to point my domains name servers else where.

        2) Have name servers with more than one provider.

        I have a facility with our servers hosting company to act as secondary DNS, fetching the zone from the primary server (in this case I have to think through what happen if the primary server goes down, will the secondary just continue to provide the last version it received or will it time out at some point.

        Another thing I might do is set up a script to make copies of the zone file from mydomain periodically; this would at least give me an automatic backup of what was there:

        dig axfr

  86. Hilarious:’s “Maintenance Announcements and Service Alerts” links to a list of frequently asked questions (see at the bottom of )

    BTW, is it just me or are having others also problems to reach any nameserver besides I see the IPs of the others changing but I cannot reach them whenever I try.

  87. eamon

    I still cant get email in!! A friend also with has same problem!

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  89. Got a reply from Customer Care. Looks like service has been restored.

    Thank you for contacting Customer Care.

    The issue you are reporting has been resolved. We recently experienced a DOS (denial-of-service) attack that affected multiple customers. The issue you reported was a direct result of this attack.

    Your affected account and/or service(s) should be functioning properly at this time. Occasionally, it does take time for services to return to normal after a DOS attack has been resolved. If this is the case you will notice gradual improvement until services are functioning normally.

    We appreciate your continued patience in this matter. Please contact us if you have further questions or concerns.


    Customer Care

  90. campday

    well another morning wondering if mydomain is killing me intentionally, or i’m paranoid, or just another day in cyber life? Really wouldn’t mind mulling over a list of mydomain competitors and their track record if anybody could point me to such a thing? I fully believe you can jump from a frying pan and into the fire if you’re not careful

  91. Jon Paris

    Today I can reach the MyDomain admin pages – but email is not working – or at least only sporadically.

    Like you I don’t know how much longer I can live with this. We’re in the last couple of days of “early bird” bookings for a conference and email is crucial to the process.

    I’m in a Catch-22 scenario – by the time I switch to another provider it will be too late to impact the event!

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  93. Update 6: guarantees 100% uptime. Swithing there… also, according to a buddy of mine, improves access time.

  94. levent

    So how could we transfer our domain names registered via
    Or what else we can do about it?

    • MyDomain should already be up. You can transfer it to any other registrar if you like or you can set up external DNS servers through the MyDomain interface.

  95. Ronald

    Mydomain mail hosting is down for 6 hours now, anyone know what happen ?

  96. Wow, it never gets old. At least for me,’s DNS for all my domains is broken again. This time the DNS servers return the correct data as set PLUS 6 IP addresses of So, now all my servers are practically unreachable!

  97. None of the forwarding which we’ve set for my domains and sub-domains over many years with are working all of a sudden. It has been like this for a few days now and is disasterous for us.

    Now all our customers are all being sent to pages which are just showing’s PPC ads.

    I have tried to contact countless times by email and support ticket, but, despite waiting many days, they have not responded even once!

    Eventually, after trying to call them time and time again and being kept on hold for ages, I managed to speak to somebody. After he kept me on hold for 15 minutes I was informed that they had screwed up with quite a number of customer accounts and so they have not only ruined by business but those of other people with domains with

    I have been loyal to for nearly ten years and I can’t believe they can treat us like this. Never had an issue with other domain name registrars.

    Stay clear of this company, or else they will do what they have to many people to you as well as some point or other.

    • Yeah… I spoke to them recently – they are moving to a new platform and they apparently knew that it would affect their customers who are hosting their sites with MyDomain. And they didn’t let people know of this. Ridiculous.

  98. You’re absolutely right nikitab.

    Our domain and sub-domain forwarding has not been working for nearly a week now! This has caused us enormous issues and have well and truly done everything they can to try to damage our business by not responding to a single query.

    I know a lot of other customers are affected too – one guy has 263 domain names which are not working thanks to screwing up again, as they have done many times of the years!

    To add insult to injury, they are redirecting all our valuable traffic to their pages with PPC ads from which they are making money!

    I am disgusted and appalled that have not even responded to a single support ticket or email sent to them in the last week. They don’t pick up the phone either – kept on call holding for over half an hour and still nobody picking it up.

  99. mydomain sucks.. I have called 6 times now to get my domains working and get bullshit answers each time. Switching and recommend that to all.
    I see my files one says another one says they are not there. One call they say the dns just needs to be updated and all will be working fine and they will do it for me and they do not. And the files are still not there. etc

    • Hello,

      We recently saw your message about your site going down. Well we recently launched this service called as “FAILSAFE” that enables to have remote backups of websites and can also restore files back.

      This also has a monitoring tool that checks websites for down times and sends a mail to the website administrator based on the downtime reports generated.

      We hope this might be helpful for you. This has a 14 day trial period and bills are generated after 44 days, that is 30 days after the trial is over. Prices are damn cheap with services starting at even $1 a month.

      We shall be happy to assist you further on any issues on it you might be interested in.


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