Replacement for MyDomain

Can people please post their suggestions for what services they would recommend using instead of MyDomain?  Here are my experiences:

Name Recommend Experience
MyDomain No Cause they failed triggering this whole thing
NameCheap No DNS didn’t get set up correctly right away.  First support rep was clueless.  Second was OK.  Here is the log.
Nettica Need to evaluate more A windows management client?  No thanks.
A windows interface and a client…  interesting.  Trial doesn’t give a good feel for what the service gives though.
ZoneEdit No Clunky, strange behavior.
GoDaddy No Had really bad experiences.  No. No Started the registration process, was confused, left site.
Sitelutions No May be a good service, but I really don’t like their interface – adding each record I have to go through a separate dialog.  Really don’t like that.

So, in all, all services suck.  I am now using NameCheap, as it has the best interface and they actually had support.  Having said that, the support was iffy:   Stacy G. was ok, but the first specialist, Nelly D., was awful.

If any of you know of a service, please let me know.  Ideal service for me:

  • Free to try DNS with at least 1 account
  • Reasonably priced afterwards
  • Good support
  • No downtime
  • Clean, easy-to-use web-based interface that doesn’t treat me like an idiot allowing me to enter multiple things at once.
  • Don’t waste my time – make signup and management easy.

This is not too much to ask, is it?  Does someone out there know of such a service?


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22 responses to “Replacement for MyDomain

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  2. GoDaddy – I am strongly against them. Had all sorts of weird problems with them. Email I was trying to receive was being filtered as spam on their servers. Then they failed to transfer a domain in time. Then there was some other stupid problems. I would NOT recommend GoDaddy.

  3. MyDomain still has some of our smaller sites but we use for our major sites since MyDomain has always had really bad customer service.

    And we have had no problems with since we moved to them.

  4. nick

    best to split your domain up,
    for example…
    manage domain dns at one service
    email hosting mx record with another service
    host website with another service

    that way if your site goes down your email and domain mgmt doesn’t etc. My suggestion…

    Domain registrar= or etc, just set MX record for email and A record for Host

    Email Host=Google Apps for Domain Email (Free)

    Web Host=loads to choose from that are reliable, look at for suggestions based on your specific hosting needs

  5. Played around with some DNS management companies. So far they all suck. See writeup above.

  6. Benedict

    Sitelutions have a very reliable full DNS management service

    • Checked it out. May be, but I really didn’t like their interface… and I wish they had a full trial for a single domain that wouldn’t be a sub-domain…

  7. Tried to set up DNS with NameCheap but still after 1 hour their server responds with an error only 😦

    • Yeah, that seemed to me my problem as well. Make sure that you validate the domain not just by setting DNS servers, but also via email. I think that may have played a role. Also, they have a chat support where they are fairly responsive (although not always helpful). Another suspicion I have is that they simply do bulk uploads. I actually still have my window open. What’s the domain name you are working with? I may be able to ask them to help you out. (not sure if that session is still active though)

      • Too kind, thanks! I slept 6 hours and it is working now. Apparently, the problem was their validation. I had DNS servers set and validated via email but their “automated verification” of DNS servers took quite a bit (maybe also due to slow WHOIS update).
        I’d say NameCheap works. IMHO, their interface could need an overhaul, but this is true for many providers, even non-free.

  8. TimeBomb

    We love for DNS – great management tools, advanced DNS settings, fast, reliable, and good support. Domain registration is not cheap there though, at $20/yr. Although DNS for 50 domains at $50/yr is pretty sweet. Saved my butt today with the #FAIL

  9. TimeBomb

    Don’t understand why the blog post says “Not recommended” on Nettica with the comment “windows management client” – not sure where that’s coming from. Their on-line web based DNS management works great – better than any others I’ve ever used, and they allow “advanced” settings, raw DNS SOA and RR management. I don’t use Windows – I don’t have any Windows machines and Nettica is terrific (for DNS, at least, since that’s all I speak to first-hand).

    You can set *everything* and changes are pushed very quickly – effectively immediately afaict.

    • In short, cause I am a moron. My bad. I created an account and couldn’t figure out how to access the web-management tool. After your post, I checked it out and you are right – it does have web-based management. Although for the sample, it’s only a single domain with just the IP settings… not exactly much to go on… But definitely worth looking into. Can they do a proper trial with full management? Because otherwise that’s not a lot to go on…

      Although, in my defense, if I didn’t see it right away, perhaps they should rethink the workflow… I swear I am not that stoopit.

      • I have all my personal stuff on GoDaddy just because I don’t want to take the time to transfer everything. But I dislike them very much. Its just convoluted there.

        I use for all my business stuff. I’m managing a non-profit with hundreds of volunteers, and a gigantic website. Nettica is simple, straightforward, and easy. It’s not fancy looking, but I can easily find stuff.
        It has a lot of presets for all sorts of hosts so you don’t have to go in a type 20 records all by hand if you want to do google apps with your domain. Great stuff.

      • BTW, that windows thing confused me at first. What it is, is:

        A windows client that you can install on your server (provided its a windows machine) so it will alert Nettica when your IP address changes. So you could potentially run your server for your website out of your closet and it would work with Nettica. It has little to nothing to do with their actual domain name service.

  10. what about othe DNS service provider such as,

    1) markmonitor( ,
    2) everydns (,
    3) DynDNS ( and
    4) Network Solutions (

    Please suggest me which is good and more reliable.

    One more important point. how much we can gurantee that the other DNS provider’s service will not go down again as because, mydomain did not delivered such a downtime frequently.

    I want such a solution like, “nameserver delegation”, We should be register our DNS with more than one registrar. so that if any one registrar goes down. other registrar will help our domain to route to our server directly.

    Hope, this will solve our problem and future problem too…

    Looking for suggestions !!! please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sathish Kumar S

  11. nick

    i really like what namecheap offers for DNS and it’s free which is cool but dyndns has a Secondary DNS tool that provides redundant name service for a domain. The servers providing Secondary DNS are located on separated networks to prevent any downtime. With Secondary DNS even if yours domain registrar goes down, dyndns will continue to resolve your queries. It’s just $39.year. It would have been a great solution to yesterdays site down issues (if you were using etc for name servers and then using the mydomain dns mgmt tool to point out your A records to your host server, & MX records etc). If we had this yesterday our sites would have stayed live even though mydomain went down.

  12. Lynda T

    I do not like GoDaddy at all. I have tried many domain companies, but I prefer Nettica. I have been a customer for years. If you have any problem whatsoever with their DNS or domain services, you email them and they fix the problem or tell you how to and will check it for you. They are outstanding and give personal service. They don’t play games like some companies.

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