MyDomain Traffic – Holy crap…

OK, seriously, this is pretty awesome:


That’s traffic after my MyDomain outage post.  Patting self on back.  That was awesome.  My X minutes of fame.  That means either I am special or the MyDomain outage affected a ridiculously high number of people.



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4 responses to “MyDomain Traffic – Holy crap…

  1. I’d say both. It certainly affected many. And you are special because you posted and blogged about it _and_ you tweeted about your blog entry at an early stage of the outage. Also, it didn’t take long until Google had fetched your tweet and blog entry 🙂 Your blog post is still the top search result at Google.

    • Is it? Nice! Let’s see how my latest post bitching about Google goes 🙂

      (Sorry for the multiple messages posted and removed – messed up… several times…)

  2. Mark Leman

    Your site was the only place I could find people were discussing the outage, sadly mydomain shut their user forums and don’t appear to have the decency to even acknowledge the outage on their site. So well done and thanks.

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