Diary: the morning after…

This morning decided to go for a run. Ended up meet a root canal specialist who happened to be running in the same direction as I (opposite of everyone else), and, at her pace which was just slightly faster than speed-walking for me, ended up running 7 miles (that is after the first 2 that I did on my own). Surprised? Me too, but behold the power of good conversation and beautiful women (one sends me into an emotional tailspin, another results in a 9 mile run, what is going on????)

Anyway, couple of interesting observations:

1. For a good part of the run, I wanted to whine. I was a bit uncomfortable physically, but it almost felt like whining would have given me pleasure. So could it be that whining is actually a defense mechanism? If I whined, she would have antagonized me (and vice versa) and it would have been easier for me to stop. Or is it just an amplification mechanism that would prevent damage due to desire overriding the desire to run and the social implications are just a cool side-effect.

2. My knees are really hurting… last time I ran… was… uhm… with Ilya? And I barely lasted 4 miles if I remember correctly…

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