Windows 2008 Woes

OK, so we got the new Dell box…  at something like $600 I think it’s pretty awesome to have that.  Since we became part of the Empower program, we slapped a copy of Windows Server 2008 onto it and let the fun begin.


First of all, FTP is NOT installed by default.  So you need to add FTP as a role.  Second, if you are looking for FTP under IIS, you are not going to find it.  Load up IIS 6.0 where it is in stopped mode (along with SMTP).

Now this is when confusion begins.  Having set up a folder, I am trying to access its contents.  Now, with anonymous access turned on, I can use cmd to connect (i.e. run cmd, then work with FTP by way of console), but I can’t connect through file explorer.  Very strange.

This, by the way is a decent video on setting up FTP…  not very exaustive, but decent.

Still doesn’t work…  I can connect through console, but not through File Explorer.  Must be something with the firewall…

  • Turned off Firewall – FTP worked.  So it’s a firewall issue.

Did a bit of reading.  Looks like Windows 2008 uses IIS6 for FTP.  Now the problem is that Windows File explorer uses passive FTP, which is not allowed through the default firewall policy (which seems rather stupid, if you ask me).  Now it is possible to add a range, but figuring out how to do that is more than I have the mental capacity for tonight.  Besides, got a crapload of other stuff that needs to be taken care of.

MSFT…  sometimes I love ya.  Sometimes…  not so much.

And, btw, WHY DON’T I HAVE TAGGIN AVAILABLE IN LIVE WRITER for my LJ blog?!?!?!!?!?  It was there before!!!

OK, resetting the LJ seems to have fixed that problem.  I think getting the styles is what kills the tags.  Oh, wait.  Crap.  Still on tags.  Only category?  WTF?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  It’s not the style…  my mistake. 

Temporary solution: in IE it’s possible to turn off passive FTP for connection.  IE -> Tools -> Options…

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