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OK, so FTP sorta works.  I still want to get passive FTP up.  And now I think I figured out how to add my own tags by hand.  Since I am adding them like this, I think it might make sense to create an aggregated blog and tag-search site that would enable me to blog independently of the platform that I want to use.  A sort of reader of all of my blogs and I will use whoever the hell I want.

So the biggest problem it seems with blogs is the fact that you can’t really skim them.  Why do I like books?  Because I can touch them, I can scroll through them (bah, what a word!), and yet…  The feel is different, it’s messy, it’s disorganized, it’s not as simple as pen an paper.

So the solution should be:

  • Effortless to use
  • Include free-form entry
  • Allow rapid tagging of content for semantic searching

It all points to a really simple, really eloquent blogging application combined with a good archiving tool.  So far, this is the direction MSFT seems to be moving with the LiveWriter and OneNote, but both are still much too clunky.

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