Quick, before boss/dad looks over my shoulder:

slept on the floor today, and had several interesting dreams… in no particular order (temporally or otherwise)

1. Turn the corner to find cops shooting up into the building trying to hit someone, turn around, go back into the building through a different entrance only to run into the character they are targeting who is high on a number of substances. Narrow yellow corridor, door between us. I try to stop him, he breaks through, as I am on the floor he shoots me in the back of the head killing me – strange sensation: no thoughts… backtrack to instead ducking into a side door to a gorgeous girl in a neighbouring corridor leading to her room… he still finds me and shoots, but this time gets my shoulder, at which point I am taken care of by her – at which point, check this out, she tells me “we used to be best friends with him… you know, better than anyone else” or something along those lines… I’ve just been shot by her ex-close-friend… peachy…

2. Travelling with someone to work in the morning, taking a subway trying to get somewhere in NY, but making several mistakes ending up in Brooklyn, pastures, ridiculously friendly. Two characters who complemented me on me looks… I am bashful…

something else, but as always can’t remember, and rummaging through memories only gets dreams lost further…

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  1. Addition

    Actually, the corridors are yellow. Dreams leave the mind and I can’t remember them. Perhaps this is why some people become movie directors – to record their dreams before they escape through the sift that is the mind.

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