Quick Update: Life Progress Report

imageSorry sorry.  As per my usual self, I’ve been terrible at keeping in touch with everyone (esp. grandma; sorry grandma!)  But just in case you are interested in what’s up with me, here is a brief update across the board:

Tried Carrot this morning.  Abuse is awesome.  Also tried Yoga Studio.  Not bad at passive-aggressively telling I am no longer quite as bendy as I used to be, but felt very good.  Prefer Carrot’s more direct abuse.  (Thanks Mary!)

JoMI (jomi.com) is now officially two years old (entering the terrible twos?). MGH, Harvard Medical School, UCSF, Stanford, and a number of others have renewed and I keep running into people who have seen our videos, so we are now prepping to move to the next stage.  Fun fact: we had a traffic spike in Israel with about 70 accounts created in the span of 2 days when the word got around about us.  Lots happening at once – investors are starting to approach us, revenues are picking up (slowly), so keeping fingers crossed that I might be able to afford rent sooner rather than later while still not taking money-focused money.  Lots of unexpected, strange, great things.  Perhaps most importantly, had some great partners join recently.  Missing Jonathan though – dude, get yo shit together and come back to us soon.  Speaking of partners: if any of you know some good web developers who want to do the entrepreneurial thing, I could really use a solid partner there (oh the irony – I was the CTO at JoVE) and have a hard time imagining what a more interesting opportunity would look like.

FairSetup (http://fairsetup.com) has been absolutely fascinating.  In all, we’ve managed to get JoMI to this point on, I kid you not, $60K in investment.  How we implemented it is on http://bit.ly/jomi-fairsetup.  The idea is constantly evolving, but I think we really figured out a way to maintain culture through shared ownership while respecting the variety of contribution and varied risk-tolerance.  Still a lot of questions remain, but we got this far.  Fun fact: a sort-of-downside is that when things get tough (and the last month has been a bit…  volatile), guess who gets thrashed by the team…  this guy.  I wonder if any other CEO has ever dealt with this much abuse.  To be fair, the issues being raised are constructive and the fact that everyone seems to feel comfortable speaking their mind is amazing.  Anyway, it’s going to be interesting to see how the concept evolves, but books shall be written, songs shall be sung.

JoVE / Court Stuff – that’s still going.  Another hearing is coming up on Nov 4th at 2pm in Woburn Superior Court Rom 610 (in case any of you want to swing by).  It is going to be interesting.  Long story short, after numerous procedural violations, court has banned me from filing pleadings in what is a violation of our Constitution.  In what I think is an attempt to save face, they have offered me a way to continue engaging if I only file certain papers, which I’ve refused to do as a matter of principle.  There are a few issues at hand, but the top one I think is that the system should have more accountability and that judges must hold their peers and lawyers accountable when there are obvious transgressions – something they seem to be very reluctant to do even given pretty egregious things.  My intention is to change this.  A number of paths present themselves.

JoVE / Operations – court stuff aside (that’s become its own beast now), I hope Moshe and I will begin repairing our relationship soon and start thinking about how we can do bench-to-bedside.  (Yes, mom, I know you think this is a crazy idea. 🙂 )

In other news…  Boston is starting to cool down and that’s not cool.  Interest in JoMI seems to be directly proportional to distance from Boston.  Perhaps it’s time to start traveling a bit more…


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2 responses to “Quick Update: Life Progress Report

  1. Olga

    Ok. at least I know what is going on now… Yes, it is a crazy idea.

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