Teaching Framework for Developing Countries

Idea: create a framework through which people in the developing countries could learn something and teach others.  First application may be teaching/learning art-related things.  However, could be applied to any field.  Art may be one of the classes that would provide more of a pleasant feedback.


  • create an opportunity for people to develop themselves without immediate financial compensation
  • create an opportunity for the best artist to break out into the international art scene when a skillset they possess might not be immediately useful to the community

Was hanging out with Won Hee in NYC this weekend and, in the process of discussion the following idea came about.  What if you set up a program in the developing world that would give credits to people that would enable them to take classes?  Specifically, let’s say the government gives 5 people “class credits”.  Then these 5 people each can take a class with someone who accepts these credits.  After taking a class, they can teach someone else to get credits again so that they can take more classes.  The process continues until the best get picked up professionally and begin to make money.

The first application of this model could be to art – something that doesn’t really bring immediate value to a community (and thus, in conditions of scarcity, is unlikely to have patrons).  People take classes, give classes, and eventually reach a level when the Western world picks them up and throws them into an international arena.  This won’t happen to all, but the process should bring people pleasure and enjoyment of life that only art can bring.  So we effectively created an art school teaching happiness in a place where nobody wants to pay for art to be produced.

Some important points:

  • credits should probably be used because you do not want to compete for money that leads to food
  • the government will need to support high-class musicians who would be at the top of the teaching pyramid and would ultimately get everyone’s credits
  • credits are distributes to all citizens
  • a find-a-teacher framework will be very important to set up so that students and teachers can find each other
  • this could have a significant impact on consequences of unemployment

This might work with money, but I am not entirely sure about this.  Perhaps simply putting together a teacher-student search framework and doing heavy marketing might be optimal, provided that the currency used will be stable.  If it’s unstable, however, a stable currency could be provided instead using mobile banking.

OK, off to sleep.

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