Diary: of interest…

Too many things going on to list. But heard a very useful analogy today in the car:

“An apple has a peel and an orange has a peel. But that doesn’t mean that an apple and an orange are the same thing.”

Was part of a ridiculous discussion on what’s going on in Israel that seemed to follow the depressingly common smart vs. dumb discussion. Ex:

Smart Question: Why would it be a bad argument to say that “Creation of Palestine is a reward for terrorism.”
Dubm Answer: Well, US was created as a reward for terrorism. Terrorism against the British!

Now I do not know enough to say whether Palestine should or should not be created. Having said that, has the man ever read the Declaration of Independence where personal liberty was at the core of the document? Or is the document just rhetoric that was not indicative of what was going on? Of course some heinous things have been done in the US at the time as well, but comparing that to indiscriminate attacks on civilians hardly holds any merit. May be I am wrong… My knowledge of US history is just as shoddy as that of the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

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