Programmer abuse…

I wanna cry… InstallShield – supposedly one of the leaders in installers, has a bug. Let’s say you want to add a shortcut in component A… so you add it, and you are happy cause it looks like it’s been added. And you, in your euphoric state of mind, decide to marvel at the technology of the 21st century and that newly-created shortcut, so you open up the shortcuts for component A expecting to see that shortcut, except the shortcut isn’t there. So your brain goes into overdrive, you start trying to remember what psychodelic substances you’ve ingested that might have caused that shortcut to disappear, but, to give yourself the benefit of the doubt, you start looking for the shortcut in other components (say, B, C, D… all the way to Z), and find it in the shortcuts for X, along with all the other freaking shortcuts you ever added. Turns out that it looks like the short cuts found a shortcut! A shortcut that should cut short the life of the InstallShield QA department!!! Analogy for the outsiders: this is like breathing in oxygen only to find that the air you breathe with your nose, along with food consumed via mouth, psychodelic substances taken intravenously, and a Q-tip you stuck in your ear a week ago, all ended up inside a random part of your body – say, your right toe, for instance. I CAN’T FUNCTION WITH A Q-TIP IN MY RIGHT TOE!!!

Right now, I could really use some lovin’.

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